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Watch as NASA scientists land the rover Curiosity on Mars in 2012, along with their animated simulation.

Beth Mleziva

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of Humdingers

Curiosity has Landed... on Mars!
A Real Humdinger
Humdingers Vocabulary
Go-Carts Vocabulary
A Humdinger of a Landing
Humdingers Quiz
-a striking or extraordinary person or thing

For example: The last storm was a real humdinger!

Fill in your notes.

Circuit- an unbroken pathway along which electricity flows

Switch- the device that opens and closes a circuit
In our next class experiment, you will become an engineer and will design a go-cart.
Fill in your notes.

design- the way something is put together

engineer- someone who uses scientific knowledge to design useful things
Scientists and engineers at NASA are constantly trying to understand the black box of space, and they design equipment to help us better observe space. They are currently using the Curiosity rover to observe the surface of Mars. A lot of engineering was used to design the rover and to carry it to space. Scientists used computer models to help them through the design process.
Watch something extraordinary: NASA scientists land the rover Curiosity on Mars! The animated video in this clip is a SIMULATION.
Click the link below to go directly to the google quiz form for this prezi. Think about why NASA scientists needed to create the animated video model which simulated the Mars landing. You should use your notes and review the video as needed! Include key concepts and vocabulary words we have studied so far in our Models and Designs unit.


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