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on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Antarctica

Phase 1
After researching, we think Wagner`s theory about plate tectonics is true.
Evidence 1
The first fossil found on Antarctica is a plesiosaurus found on Seymour Island in 1982. The first dinosaur fossil found was a Nodosaurid Ankylosaur in 1986 on James Ross Island.
Evidence 2
The dinosaur fossil found on Vega Island in 1986 was an unnamed Hadrosaur . Two reasons the fossil found on Vega Island is of a particular importance because there were plant eaters on Antarctica many years ago and it is cold there so if you put that to conclusion it must have been further north.
Evidence 3
The first dinosaur fossil and the fossil found on Vega Island were in the Cretaceous period. The dino fossil found in the Transantarctic Mt. was the Cryolophosaurus in the early Jurassic period. The other fossils were a Theropod, a Sauropod, a Hypsilophodontid, a Iguanodontid, a Plateosaurid prosauropods, Lystrosaurus and Mosasaurs.
Evidence 4
So few dinosaurs have been found because of the ice covering up.Ernest Shackleton found beds of coal and H. T. Geyler found fossils of leaves and stems. Plant fossils and beds of coal support the idea that Antarctica once was once warmer than today because the the presant antarctica would be to odd gold for plants to grow2 coal wehick is plants compressed over millllon of years under heat and pressure could not be creative withoyut having plants grow in warmth and coal could not form whithout heat compressing it
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