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Rachelle Engbrecht

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Muscles

Muscles Human Muscle System Types of Muscle Smooth Muscle

These muscles are the ones that work without us having to think about it to move it (skin, internal organs, gallbladder). These muscles are also known as involuntary muscles because of this. Skeletal Muscle

These muscles are attached to the bones by tendons. By being attached to the bones, you are able to move the bones by controlling the muscles. There are over 600 of these muscles in your body. Cardiac Muscle

The cardiac muscle is ONLY found in the heart. It is found in the walls of the heart. This muscle is used to pump blood through the entire body. This muscle never gets tired. Deltoid The deltoid muscle covers your shoulder and helps it to be able to move. Biceps The Bicep is the muscle on the inside of your arm. When you flex your arm, it is the muscle you are flexing. Tricep The triceps are the back muscle of your upper arm. You flex your triceps when your arms are straight. Pectoralis Major The pectoral is the muscle that covers the chest. It actually helps you move your upper arm and shoulders. Trapezius The trapezius muscle is the muscle on the neck, over the back of the shoulders, and down part of the back. Rectus abdominis and obliques Abdominals are the muscles on you stomach. They are the ones that form the six pack when you work out these muscles. Obliques cover your sides and help you twist. Latissimus Dorsi Latissimus Dorsi is the largest muscle of your body. It helps you stand upright. Gluteus Maximus The Gluteus Maximus is also known as your bum. You are sitting on it right now. Quadriceps The quadriceps are made up of four different muscles. They hold all of your upper body weight and are the most powerful muscles in your body. Hamstring Your hamstring is the muscle that bends your leg. This is also made of four different muscles. Gastrocnemius Gastrocnemius is the main muscle of your calf. It helps you raise up on your toes. Soleus Your soleus muscle is at the bottom of your calf. It helps you curl your toes. Achilles Tendon This is the strongest and thickest tendon in the body. Tendons attach muscles to the bone. Muscles work in pairs and so can you. With a partner determine what flexors and extensors are. Next find four different pairs of muscles that work together to move your body. Homework:
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