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The First Stone : Don Aker

No description

rajveer aulakh

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of The First Stone : Don Aker

The First Stone is a fiction novel about a bitter young boy Reef, alone in this world has never been loved rightly causing him to Vent his anger at the world. Reef perform's a shocking stunt affecting both him and fellow teenager Leeza . The event triggers them to have both share moment's of rehabiltization, sharing sorrow's and joys without knowing each other's true identity.
What's the First Stone
- The First Stone takes place in our very own Canada

- By reading the book , I can infer from the book and positively say that the story took place in Modern times


By : Rajveer Aulakh
The First Stone : Don Aker
Writing Scheme
- The language plays a big part to giving clues to the reader about the setting time.
- Standard of Language conveyed in the story and character conversations and quotes
Description of Visuals
- How characters describe their near- surrounding's
- The description of the envoirnment in the story and object's are relatable to current times
Reef Kenendy
- Reef is the main protagonist of the story
- Reef is an angered young boy, angry at the world and at himself
- Reef lives his life as a rebel, wandering the street's with no one to guide him in life
Background story
- Leeza is quite the opposite of Reef
- She's a kind caring person who is selfless and servicable person to society.
- She is a more relaxed and ideal person

Background Info.
Reef's Friend's
Bigger , Scar , Jink
Frank Colville
-All the character's in first stone contribute to help make the story unique and engaging.
- The characters all have different background's, stories, charcteristics and behaviours
Triggering Event
Turn Around Event
Falling Action
Reef lost his parent's at a delicate age
and was handed over to his grandparents, His grandpa was an abusive alcoholic who never apreciated him and his grandmother was the to show him love. Both of them also departed , leaving reed to join multiple foster homes
Deprived of Love
Had no-one to guide him
No discipline
Mannerful , respected and kind
Intelligent, educated
Servicable to the community ex. Helping the elderly in community centre's
Leeza has also lost a dear one , her sister Ellen. Leeza does not have many friends as she used her sister to accompany her
Bigger Scar and Jink are all Reef's main best friends and share a brotherly/sisterly love. They have all sticked together through every phase together , thick or thin they have stood with each other
Rowdy Rebels
Seem to be abandoned due to their behaviour and attitude
Share the same traits as Reef
Frank Colville is the instructor/guardian at reef's new home. He is sort of like a sensei to Reef
- Guiding him like a sensei
The Main Conflict : Internal Conflict
-The main conflict includes whether Leeza's feelings for Reef are justified or not

- Leeza is in a dilemna of her feelings after realizing the truth about Reef

- Is Reef the monster that put her in this place , Or is he the Reef she fell in love with?

-Leeza has to make a tough decision and needs to realize if her feeling are meaning
ful or not?

The pit ( the hangout) has been targeted as a new project for the city and is going to be demolished
Reef and his friends are angered by this and decide to Vandalise the demolition truck to repersent their rowdy way of protesting

They all split into different directions to escape, and Reef reaches an overpass on a street full of traffic
In the same street leeza is in her car returning from work stuck in traffic
-Reef is in frustration and in deep thinking and in anger hurls the rock into the huge jam which hits Leeza's car
-Leeza is unable to handle the impact and gets into a collision with several other cars.
Reef has been caught of his act by a fellow citizen and is sentenced to court

- At court the judge shows Reef mercy but not sending him to jail

- The judge sentences Reef to a new Foster Home "New Hills Group"

- To help Reef slip out of his Hooligan Personality
-Reef volunteers at a local rehab centre at his new foster home
- Reef is assigned to Leeza who is also staying at the rehab
-They establish a close relation ship sharing similar expierences (e.g death of a loved one)
-Leeza's Mother drop's by to visit Leeza and identifies Reef

-She exposes the truth to Reef

- Leeza feels an outburst of emotions trying to figure out who to believe
-Reef goes to Leeza to justify himself when her mother appears again

- Her mother is very serious and angered about Reef contacting Leeza

- She gets a restraining order for Reef

- The conflict is involved with Reef and Leeza but mostly Leeza
Heroes Quest Identity
-Reef's true identity is revealed when he expierences new emotion's , put through discipline and is shown love

Reef's adventure from when he is put through a transition to an opposite lifestyle

-Reef also admits and embraces his new identity in the following quote

-The author chose First Person point of view
- He used a technique where he dictated the story from both protagonist
- He transitioned from Reef's point of view to Leeza's point of view

How would you compare this story to other stories?

The "Punishment" Reef recieved ended up being the best thing to him

- It changed him for the better

-He is more focused about his future, education, recreation and a more ideal person in society
"There had been times during the rest of her rehab when she'd considered calling him herself "
"But something stopped her, some part that couldn't forget the rock and the windshield"

"But the guy who did that isn't the guy who's here now"
- show's how he's personally felt the impact of his transition to a new lifestyle
- Cared for
- Self-regulated
- Socially joyous
- More cautious of actions
- Organized Person
Abandoned in the
-No discipline at all
-Incapable of Social
- Uncaring of actions
"Scar, whaddya want me to do? Visit her? Hold her hand? What’s done is done … Ain’t nothin’ I can do about it now. Even if I wanted to. Which I don’t.”
“Don’t cry, Mom, Leeza intended to say, but her mouth wouldn’t manufacture the words properly”
" We can Take 'em"
"You don't ever want frank to catch you using that word"
Says Alex about Frank
- Unique from other stories
- Does not have typical story component's
- Typical stories have a closed ending, The First Stone has a suspense building ending
- The First stone's irony was different from fiction based novels
Reef meets Leeza , without realizing , he was responsible for her state
The main theme of the story is Reef finding his identity, not directly but in a indirect way, an unexpected journey results in Reef healing from his old personality
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