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Copy of My identity

Information about me

firas khaled

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of My identity

full name : Firas walid khaled Age : 14 years old I.d number : 2 07362773 Gender : male Nationality : Israeli Religion : muslim Date of birth : 31 May 1998 Village : Judaydah,Hazafon,Israel Fact File Fact File Who I'm My Family : My family includes six people : my parents walid and suher , my three brothers , khalid , asraa and soma . my father works at driving instructor , and my mother is teacher .
I'm studying at El-bayroni school , it has 23 grades , the headmaster of it is , Tamam Dabbah.
my grade is 9"1" , my homeroom teacher is Mona Farah . My religion is Islam, is a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion articulated by the Qur'an. we believe that god one and incomparable . the prophet of islam is Muhammed . muslims also believe that the world will end in doomsday .

- There are two main Muslim festivals:
1- Eid ul-Fitr .
2- Eid-ul-Adha . My religion :
Judiede-Maker located in Hazafon,Israel. the village has an approximate population of 19500 people . 95% of them are muslims and the others are
christians . My village My Schhol
My name is firas , I love learning and enjoying life , my family is important to me , i love drawing cars and famous characters . I love music especially when I am working on the computer or drawing.
Some of my favorite singers are :


2. Alexandra stan

3.Adele My interests
I love biology so much , because I'm easy to remember things about it . i love reading the animals books and reading about human disease to feed my mind . and i want to become a surgeon in the future . My culture About me My name is Firas Khaled , I am 14 years old , I live in Judiede village .
I can speak English ,Arabic and Hebrew , I love the Pets especially cats .my favorite food is burger , i love music and action movies , I like to play on the computer and I like to meet my friends across Facebook .
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