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Lukas Kartout

on 9 July 2015

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Transcript of JAMES MORRISON

Born in London (1959)
Bachelor degree in Design from Kingston Polytechnic, London (1979-82)
Masters degree in Design from the Royal College of Art, London (1982-85)
Awarded an honorary doctorate from Kingston
Studied at Berlins Hochschule für Bildende Künste on a Scholarship.
During his student years, Morrison became interested in the work of
modernist pioneers
- Buckminster Fuller
- Gerald Summers
- Jean Prouvé
- Eileen Gray
- Le Corbusier
- ...

Jasper Morrison was determined to design for industrial production, rather than making pieces by hand

In 1986, a year after graduating from the RCA, Morrison opened his Office for Design in London.
Buckminster Fuller
Gerald Summers
Jean Prouvé
Eileen Gray
Le Corbusier
his first designs were made in small quantities, from ready-made industrial components
- flower pot table (1984)
The Side Table and Slatted Stool produced by SCP were the first designs of Morrison’s to be manufactured (1986)
(Stainless steel frame)
FSB Doorhandle Series 1144, 1990
“Four-Point Guide to Good Grip”

Your eyes relax and your hand takes over. Your thumb finds its place, your forefinger finds its hollow and your hand finds plenty to get hold of
together with James Irvine, he organised Progetto Oggetto for Cappellini (1992)
/object project/

a collection of household objects designed together with a group of young European designers.
What feeds the inspiration of the designer? Observation.

In Jasper Morrison’s collection of pictures, icons of design history meet up with the objects of everyday life, and curious findings with the archetypes of modernism.
his slide show lecture "A world without words" from 1992, was published in book format by the graphic designer Tony Arefin
Morrison's clients have also allowed him to experiment with new materials and technologies
1999 Low Pad Chair for Cappellini :
inspired by
Poul Kjaerholm's 1956 steel and leather Chair
, used a new method of condensed upholstery to create a comfortable, but durable padded leather seat
And then there is the 1999 Air Chair.

this relatively inexpensive molded dining chair is made from a single piece of plastic using a new gas injected polypropylene technology.
In 1995 Jasper Morrisons got a contract to design the new Hannover Tram, the largest European light rail production contract of its time
The first vehicle was presented to the public in June 1997 at the Hannover Industrial Fair, and awarded the IF (international forum) Hannover Transportation Design Prize and the Ecology award.
another 'urban' example.
A pair of bus stop shelters designed for Vitra's Weil am Rhein site.
Produced for Vitra, Switzerland.
In the early 2000s Morrison set up a new studio in Paris and divides his working life between there and London.
He acquired new clients such as Rowenta, the French household appliances manufacturer
from 2000 till now
Cork Family
Small tables turned from light agglomerate cork.
Produced by Vitra
Jasper Morrison

Isamu Noguchi
December Chair, Jasper Morrison
and Wataru Kumano (2012)
Jean Prouve, Demountable Wooden Chair no. 301 (1950)
tagliatelle (2011)
- more modest, more serious approach to design
- producing everyday objects, for everyone's use
- make things lighter and softer
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