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5 pictures. what are they thinking?


on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of art

The light of this moment is in contrast to how I feel deep down. Perhaps someone is calling my name but my mind is very, very far away right now.
Where I am is quiet and peaceful but my thoughts are so loud that I cannot really concentrate on what is happening around me. I think my life was wonderful but suddenly it has changed and I have just begun to understand. Which picture do you think is being described? Write a few lines saying which you think it is and say why. It is picture A because..........
...are you sure?

Is there a way of expressing this more 'tentatively'? It may be/could be/might be...It seems that.....I believe it could be...

In my opinion/It seems highly likely that/While many might argue it is X, I would say.....

I feel, I suspect, I am not convinced that it is....

This writer would suggest that .... Which word contains all 26 letters of the alphabet? From my perspective/ Although..While..Whereas.. Look at the pictures around the room, choose one and write about it from the perspective of someone in the picture, or looking at the picture. Feelings. Emotions.
NOT DESCRIPTIVE. 100 words or so.... adjectives....
-ed VS -ing
boring Jon is bored. Jon is boring situation
person It is the Van Gogh because I can see the light....
It may be the Van Gogh and I suspect this because the writer put ....... and I felt I could see this in ......... What starts with an 'e'
ends with an 'e'
and has just one letter?
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