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Engel Kollat Blackwell

No description

Sirus Shaikh

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Engel Kollat Blackwell

Engel Kollat Blackwell
Information Processing
Information received through stimuli during input stage is processed and kept in Memory.
The Sub-components are:
a) Exposure
b) Attention
c) Comprehension
d) Acceptance
e) Retention

Decision Process
The sub-components of this stage are:
a) Problem Recognition
b) Search
c) Alternate Evaluation
d) Purchase
e) Outcome

Decision Process Variables
Individual variables influence every component of the decision process. some of the sub-components are:
a) Beliefs
b) Attitudes
c) Motives
d) Evaluation criteria
e) Lifestyle
f) Informative influence

Information Input
This stage is called the data collection stage. We are constantly bombarded with external stimuli.
: Advertising, store display (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)
: family friends, peers (economic, social)
External Influences
The EKB model also discusses 3 external influences:
a) Cultural Norms & Values
b) Reference group
c) Unanticipated circumstances

The EKB model or consumer decision model describe consumer behavior.
First proposed in 1968
Last revision in 1990 known as Engel, Blackwell and Miniard Model (EBM)
The model not only demonstrates the components involved in decision making but also links the multiple relationships and interactions between the components & sub-components.
5 Stages of EKB
The model identifies five aspects of consumer decision making.
1. Information input
2. Information processing
3. Decision process
4. Decision process variables
5. External influences
Model in Action
Flight to Karachi & Nokia & ufone missing. Unanticipated Circumstances & Need Recognition

The first thing which came to my mind was a ufone add I recently saw on ARY (DPV: retention & information influence)
on the other side family & friends told me that ufone is the worst network ever. (EI: reference group).
As I have been a ufone customer for last 10 years (DP: Satisfaction) I decided to get ufone.

Pakistan -> might get mugged (Information influence and reference groups warning -DPV)
evaluative criteria from DPV -> buy a less expensive phone
Nokia is not so popular anymore (DPV: beliefs & attitudes)
Led me to alternative evaluation (DP) & External Search (II).
I went online and started looking at Samsung (II: Stimuli -> Market domination).
One motive (DPV) -> buy a phone which supports 2 SIM cards.
This led me to a Samsung Duos
I went to the store and Purchased (DP).

SIM card.
Choosing a phone.
Shaikh Surmed - 126609
Syed Waseem Haider - 113907
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