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Similarities and differences of Athens and Sparta

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on 20 April 2016

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Transcript of Similarities and differences of Athens and Sparta

Similarities and Differences of Athens and Sparta
by: Alex Llamas
Athens was called a democracy because it had one ruler
Everyone voted
Had assembly's for rule
Athens wanted more control of land

male slaves taught until 6 years old
mothers taught girls to clean,spin thread, and cook
teachers made students memorize books

all 7 year olds trained for battle
boys sent to barracks
girls learned wrestling, and boxing

coins for money
traded at market
traded mostly by sea
stole farmland
slaves for goods
metal rods for money
fertile soil for crops

Women and Slaves
women had no rights
slaves were forced into labor
women weren't citizens
slaves could by freedom
women looked after land in war
Equal rights

Both Athens and Sparta chose their rulers through assembly and council who elected the rulers.

Spartan and Athenian women would compete in exercise and sports such as discus, gym and wrestling. They could not exercise in a palaestra (wrestling school or gym)

More Similarities
Both Athens and Sparta had a strong military. Athens had a strong navy and Sparta had a strong army.

Both had a large amount of slaves (100,00)
was called an oligarchy
several rulers
council that made laws
dedicated to military
Sparta provided army and assistance
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