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Stephanie Gentry

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Samurai

Samurai Who were the Samurai and what was their role in japanese society? They were great worriors and land owners, and in the 12th through the 18th century they were the most powerful people. They wore a matching pair of swords called Daisho. Women wore a dagger. The Samurai controlled armies and they only awnsered to the Shogun or Emperor. Also you had to be born a Samurai to become one, but rarely did they accept outsiders.This is all according to Macdonald athor of A Samurai Castle. How and why did the Samurai end? After Japan became unisolated from the world Mutsuhito became Emperor. Mutsuhito then changed his name to Meiji. Then he began to build a moderen army and in 1876 he made a law against wearing swords. He than began to make other laws that were made against the Samurai. Some Samurai got new jobs and some fought to the death to protect their honor. After that the Samurai slowly disappeared just to modernize Japan according to Japan-guide.com and en.wikipedia.org. What were the women's rights and roles? They were brought up to believe they were inferior to men and she only served three people; husband, son and father. She couldn't stay single and her duty was to have a son and inherit her husband's land. She also had to teach her daughter. They stayed home to protect their home during war and would fight to the death to protect it. Some of them became poets and writers. Other samurai women would actually become Samurai Women and fight along side men in war. All according to Macdonald. Japan's most famous female samurai, Tomoe Gozen. This is a movie about Samurais fighting for their honor against Emporer Meiji. Traditional Samurai armor.
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