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Learning Objectives and Outcomes? What are the differences?

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Aimee Floyd

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Learning Objectives and Outcomes? What are the differences?

Learning Objectives and Outcomes
What are the differences?
How do we ensure that learning is successful?

Evaluate - What do you think are the differences between Learning Objectives and Learning Outcomes?
Looking at the verbs/words, which words might you use in an objective and which might be better in an outcome? And, which words would you not use for either?
Possible ideas?
Whatever we individually believe, the students need to know how the objectives and outcomes all tie in together to create the end product. They need to have the means to achieve it in their own way. Therefore the objective, outcome and teaching must create learning for all students.
Its about whatever we can do to find that lightbulb moment. That should be our objective and their outcome.
Has this ever happened to you?
(Also known as the 'banging your head against a brick wall' moment.)
But do we care about these differences? Why does this matter on the first day back?
Most importantly, how do we ensure that Stripes can actually whistle?
The Chicken or the egg? What comes first?
Does the syllabus give you a general outcome that you break down in to objectives?
Or is there a broad objective that we break down into outcomes for the different abilities/needs of the students (But is there something wrong with All, Most, Some?)?
Is an outcome a success criteria?
WALT - We are learning to ... (objective)
WILF - What I'm looking for ... (outcomes/success criteria)
Do we not need both for learning to be successful?
Analysing current SOW
Do the learning objectives
meet the intended outcomes?
Is there differentiation in the
objectives? Can this be measured in the outcomes?
Do the objectives and outcomes
make sense? To you and the students?
Do they focus upon the learning process or task completion?
Key actions and questions
Would a student in your class understand the objective and be able to explain the outcomes of the lesson for them?
John Hattie, (2012) 'Visible Learning
for Teachers.'
Hattie talks about learning intentions and success criteria and says there are 5 main components that must be considered for both:
1. Challenge - that engages commitment from the students
2. Commitment - ensuring goals create committed students
3. Confidence - that the goals are achievable that will breed confidence
4. Student expectations - students understand what they need to do to achieve
5. Conceptual understanding - the deepest level of understanding rather than skimming the surface.
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