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Dashka Gabriel

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Instagram

Instagram for the PR Professional

"Take a picture, it'll last longer...with your followers."
#TEAMIG: Dash, Kaja, May, Vera, Kate
10 things you should never post:
1. The Bathtub One
2. The Pool/Beach One
3. The Lingerie/Semi-nude One
4. The Post-Workout One
5. The Plane Wing One
6. The Latte Art One
7. The Blurry Party One
8. The Gross Injury One
9. The Weed One
10. The Notepad Screenshot One

What is Instagram??
“Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. We’re building Instagram to allow you to experience moments in your friends’ lives through pictures as they happen. We imagine a world more connected through photos.”

Founded by Kevin Systrom, who is now the CEO, and Mike Krieger

October 6, 2010...Instagram launches
December 12, 2010...Community grows to 1 million users
January 2011...Adds hashtags to help users discover photos and each other

August 3, 2011...150 millionth photo upload
September 26, 2011...Community grows to 10 million users
December 9, 2011...Apple names Instagram “iPhone App of the Year”
April 3, 2012...Instagram for Android launches

April 9, 2012...Facebook acquires Instagram for approximately $1 billion in cash & stocks
December 18, 2012...Instagram updates Terms of Service based on community feedback
February 26, 2013...Community grows to 100 million monthly active users

June 20, 2013...Instagram introduces video
October 24, 2013...Announces Sponsored Photos & Videos

- 150 million active users
- 16 billion photos shared
- 1.2 billion Likes daily
- 55 million average photos shared per day


Hey! That’s Mine:

Copycatting isn’t cool…or always legal
Avoid the Cliché:

Give your followers something new to keep their interest
We don’t want to see that:

Some pictures are better left unposted


Don’t use irrelevant hashtags.

Selfie- Control:

Fact-Constant postings of selfies are a turnoff; Stay humble folks!

Create great content, regularly participate with other users, and you are guaranteed to earn followers without begging for them
Refer to rule #6; Document life, show off your quirky moment and tell a good story
Timing is Everything:
It’s called INSTA-gram for a reason! Avoid late posts.

UX Designer:
Dustin Vaughn-luma
nASA's goddard
space flight center
Pinterest vs. Instagram for business
Why for business? The human brain likes visuals.

- People process images 60,000 times faster than text and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visually based.
- Visual content creates an emotional connection with audiences—and provides them with more insight into the organization.

Why to differentiate?
- To reach (slightly) different audience
- To match different content with best channel (time and resources are limited in business environment)

- Visual social platforms: photo, video, gif.
- Allow hashtags, comments, likes.
- Core demographic is 18-34 years old
- To create visibility, brand awareness and engagement

Different facts:
- Larger users: Instagram: 150 million active users. (Pinterest: 70 million)
- Younger age: 67% users are between 18-34 year olds. (Pinterest: 56%)
- More even gender: Instagram: 55% female, 45% male (Pinterest: 70% female, 30% male)
- More international: 50% users are outside the U.S.
- One photo in one post (Pinterest: multiple images in one board)
- More celebrities (entertainment industry)
- Dominated by apparel and luxury brands (fashion industry)

Different Strategy:
- Share anything interesting or helpful that users will “pin”, to drive traffics and sales
- Organize pictures on different topics and create an online gallery of best works

- Encourage employees to post workplace/backstage photos
- Encourage followers to post their stories with the brand
- Leverage KOLs to share their experience with the brand

Instagram is the favored option if a company wants to
create a more personal experience
with their audience and
increase visibility.
1. Register and Set-up:
exclusively a mobile platform- need to download iPhone or Android App
2. Connect to Social:
link Instagram to your Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr, VK, Mixi and Weibo accounts (the latter two apply only to iPhone users in Japan and China, respectively)
3. Take or Select a Photo:
By default, Instagram activates your device’s camera, so you may either choose to snap a picture then and there, or choose a picture already saved to your phone.
4. Add Filters and/or Borders:
These are the 17 famous Instagram filters which add different pre-determined layers to your photos, and give the effect that you've altered or professionally edited them. Each filter also has its own associated border.
5. New Feature:
Video! With Instagram video, you can record short video clips ranging anywhere from three to fifteen seconds long. With Instagram video, you can record short video clips ranging anywhere from three to fifteen seconds long. Add filter when completed.
6. Share Your Work:
Add a caption or hashtag and distribute to your social networks.
7. Follow Other Users:
Stay up-to-date with your friends, favorite celebs, and beloved brands

Get Acquainted
Balance Business Images with Fun Photos:
Behind the scenes, fan photos, random puppy pics (people eat that stuff up)
Tell a story:
make use of the captions!
Cultivate a Following:
Connect to other social media, use relevant hashtags, follow others, like other photos: ENGAGE!
Audience Participation:
Contests, sharing stories, how the brand is used in everyday life
Reward consumers/customer:
Promotions and coupons
Make Use of Video:
A picture says 1,000 words, but a video says that much more
Embed in Company Blog and Website:
Cover all your bases
Keep The Account Active

10. …
But Only Post Relevant Content!
Effective for Corporate Social Efforts:
Providing a personal touch to serious issues
Participate in other trending hashtags:
You can’t always generate a trend, but make yourself known through following one

Three effective ways to use hashtags for marketing:
Brand and Campaign Hashtags
Trending Hashtags
Content Hashtags

Brand and Campaign Hashtags
- A brand hashtag is your company name or a company tagline
- A campaign hashtag is a hashtag made for each of your marketing campaigns

Tips for brand and campaign hashtags:
•- Keep your brand hashtag consistent and unique
- •Make campaign hashtags for your social contests and promotions
- Keep your business hashtags relatively short
- Monitor your brand and campaign hashtags

Trending Hashtags
- A trending hashtag is a hashtag topic that has become very popular.

Tips for trending hashtags:
- Be quick in using trending tags
- Find trending hashtags on Twitter, Google+ and other hashtag monitoring sites
- Be related to brand
Michael Kors: #TBT

Content Hashtags
- A content hashtag is a hashtag you use in your post. They are simply the ones that are related to your post content which include: product hashtags, lifestyle hashtags, event Hashtags, location hashtags.

Tips for how you can use content hashtags:
- Find common hashtags
- Engage with people using related common hashtags
- Don’t ‘spam’ your posts with tons of common (or any) hashtags

Fall 2013 Collection
Sweden Special k Promo
Puppy pics!
#CelebrateWith memories... @AnnaWintour and I circa 1989. #TBT
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