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Aisha Anati

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Why using technology in organizational learning:

Time efficiency: no longer have to wait a day or more to receive information.

Data Security: With the advancements in security technology
Saved Costs: Teleconferencing and videoconferencing with multiple participants has become a business standard and has saved billions of dollars. Learning and Development Learning Event Facilitate the learning process for the learning organizations from the experienced experts in a click.
Avoid one-loop learning
The courses (learning materials) can be recoded and saved, thus, available anytime upon need
continuous support can be available online for the learning organization
Expert companies would increase the income by sharing knowledge, that can reflect on the national/international economy Learning organizations: Presented By: Aesha Al Anati M00433563
Min Gao M00365803
Sidharth Vithaldas M00267526 Learning Event Objectives

Make learning as an important core competency for the organizations as well as the individuals.

Facilitate the learning process to be adopted anywhere, anytime

Assist learning organizations to learn more effectively to remain competitive

Sophisticated way to make people learn new knowledge and skills effectively

Support the behaviors needed for continuous learning of organizations and employees. Use of New Technology in Organizational Learning Ex: Sketches Learning evaluation via new technologies Online tests
smart phones applications designed for the subject
interviews and feedback by teleconference
Instant problem solving through platforms/social networks Presented To:
Dr. Lien Els
Learning and Development
the learning event
Middlesex University
Dubai Use of New Technology in Organizational Learning Which is a company that facilitates the
learning of its members and continuously
transforms itself."1". Learning organizations
develop as a result of the pressures facing
modern organizations and enables them to
remain competitive in the business environment."2" The Learning Organization Activity: Org1:
saint Aisha
Medical Grp IT Expert Org2:
Sid Best Bank in the universe Min Top
Fashion Company Ltd. Preparation:
Students will be divided into groups, each group will be minimum of 5 students
Each group will represent a company
Each company will have a number of departments
Each company will have bad and good departments, and experts

companies will exchange expertise and knowledge based on their weak and strong departments
the exchange process will be managed by the hub company
companies with bad departments will learn from the experts of the other company .
the learning process will happen via new technology HR
Bad Finance PR IT
Bad Marketing Finance
Expert HR
Expert Sales Finance
Bad Easy
Access: Cellular technology as enabled all of us to essentially have an “office in our pocket’ via smart phones, e-mail, teleconference anytime , anywhere The Hub
Kindly open your smart

m/s/L22SCZZ Evaluate US Results Activity Problem solving
social technology LEARNING PICTURE OF OUR FUTURE References: 1. Pedler, M., Burgogyne, J. and Boydell, T. 1997. The
Learning Company: A strategy for sustainable
development. 2nd Ed. London; McGraw-Hill.

2. O’Keeffe, T. 2002. Organizational Learning: a new perspective. Journal of European Industrial Training, 26 (2), pp. 130-141.

3. Swanson, R. A. & Holton, E. F.(2009): Fundamentals of Human Resources Development. 2nd Ed. San Francesco: Berrett- Koehler
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