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Romeo and Juliet Dictionary

No description

Brian Liang

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet Dictionary

Prologue: an introduction to a play or an act of a play

Oxymoron: figure of speech that combines two normally contradictory terms

Pun: multiple meanings of words that create a joke

Civil: adhering to the norms of polite social interaction

Disposition: mental outlook; tendency of one's spirits

Edure: to hold against; sustain

Grievance: resentment or complaint

Intrusion: wrongful entry

Revel: to take delight; to make merry
Romeo and Juliet Dictionary

Act 1
ACT: major unit of action in a play

SCENE: each act is divided further into scenes,
which represents a different time and/or place

LINES: spoken words of the play, "sentences"
Act 2
Personification: figure of speech in which human qualities are attributed to an object or idea
Ex. The stars danced playfully in the moonlit sky.

Simile: figure of speech that compares two unlike things using like, as, than, or resembles
Ex. She is strong as an ox.

Metaphor: figure of speech that compares two unlike things WITHOUT using like, as, than, or resembles
Ex. You're such a pig Kevin you ate my dinner.

Hyperbole: figure of speech in which the truth is exaggerated for emphasis or humorous effect
Ex. I'm so tired i can sleep for a thousand years.
Spite: desire to harm or annoy

Valiant: boldly courageous or brave

Virtuous: conforming to moral principals
Oxymorons: Great Depression, Jumbo shrimp, Cruel to be kind, Pain for pleasure

Pun: When a clock is hungry it goes back four seconds.

Disposition: Her disposition was to always to think negatively.

Reversed: reversing the order of words for effect
Ex. up fill compared to fill up

Alliance: relationship created between two parties
Ex. Soon after the Romans created an alliance with Spartans.

Cherish: to hold and treat as dear
Ex. She cherishes the ring her grandma gave her.

Chide: to scold or find fault
Ex. Do not chide me mother for I did nothing wrong.

Envious: jealous with ill-will
Ex. She was envious of the ice cream all the kids were getting.

Incorporate: combine in one body
Ex. I think incorporating the house of Montogue and Capulet is a bad idea.
Predominant: having power, authority, or influence
Ex. The Prince of Verona is predominant.

Rancor- bitter resentment or ill-will
Ex. I felt rancor when I saw my enemy's face after not seeing him for several years.

Torment: to afflict with great bodily or mental suffering

Variable: likely to change; changeable
Ex. When I choose a drink my decision is variable almost all the time.

Wanton: without regard for what is right
Ex. The poor area demonstrates the brutality of wanton violence.

Act 3
Aside: words that are spoken by a character in a play to the audience or to another character but that are no supposed to be overheard by others on stage

Soliloquy: a speech in which a character speaks their thoughts aloud,
generally alone not be conscious of addressing the audience

Absolve: to free from consequences
Ex. The judge was unfair giving him absolving him of the situation.

Affliction: state of pain
Ex. Many people consider poverty an affliction they have to bear.

Ally: to unite formally
Ex. I am an ally to him and I will stand by his side if he needs me.

Dismal: gloomy; cheerless; captivated
Ex. Dave was in dismal after he had found out he had cancer.

Enamored: inflamed with love; captivated
Ex. Even though it was a quick glance he was enamored just as much as she was with him.

Jest: joke or witty remark
Ex. I used to think the brain was the most important organ. Then I thought, look what’s telling me that.

Lamentation: expression grief or sadness

Reconcile: to bring acceptance
Ex. He decided to reconcile after he realized more pain would make the situation worse.

Submission: humble obedience
Ex. I wouldn't bow down in submission just for personal gain.

Vengeance: infliction of trouble, injury, pain with force
Ex. Honoring him with vengeance will not do any good for both parties.
Act 4
Irony: contrast between appearance and reality, reality usually opposite from what is seen
Ex. a sign that says hidden beach; someone spelling moron "moran"

Imagery: descriptive words/phrases that allow the reader to almost see, hear, smell, taste, and touch what is being described
Ex. Only now had I noticed the beauty of beautiful velvet-like hair, her smooth tanned skin, her bright green eyes.

Detestable: hateful; vile
Ex.You need to stop treating your mom in such a detestable way.

Enjoined: to direct or order; to force to do something

Heir: a person who inherits property of another
Ex. The king's heir was at a young and reckless age when his dad died.

Lamentable: regrettable; unfortunate
Ex. I hope your decision was lamentable so you learn your lesson.

Pensive: serious; full of thoughts
Ex. C'mon lets go to the mall, you are so pensive, you need to get over your loss.

Prosperous: fortunate; successful
Ex. Bob, you need to finish school to become prosperous.

Receptacle: container; device that holds something

Redeem: to make up for
Ex. You can redeem yourself of your sins by avenging your father in battle.

Stifle: to smother; to crush or end by force
Ex. You need to stifle your rage otherwise the whole room would turn into chaos.

Wayward: turn away from what is right; disobedient
Ex. This wayward dog is making me wish I did not take this job.

Sonnet: a poem make up of 14 lines and has a specific rhyming pattern
Ex. AA, BB, CC, DD <rhyme scheme>

Aloof: at a distance; disinterested
Ex. He looked aloof at his Christmas gift

Ambiguity: doubt or disbelief
Ex. She had a look of ambiguity when she got the keys to the new car.

Enmity: feeling or condition of hostility
Ex. You should have no enmity towards your cousin she is a sweet little girl.

Felon: wicked person, someone convicted of a felony
Ex. Be wary Dave the felon doesn't look far from the normal person.
Act 5
Infectious: tending to spread from one to another
Ex. Do not wander into that side of town Tom, that part of the city has an infectious substance that lives in human bodies.

Kindred: family; relationship by birth.
Ex. Now he has no heir, given that you have slain all his kindred.
Menace: threatens to cause evil
Ex. I believe complying to his wishes is the smart thing to do since he is a menace.

Scourge: to punish or criticize
Ex. You can't scourge them, for they have no respect for authority.

Tedious: long and tiresome
Ex. We hauled that 50 pound box over 2 miles, man that was tedious.
Brian Liang
Per 5
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