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Pathways - Intern Manager Training - Onboarding - HR support

Pathways + Consumer Leadership Development presentation

Amanda Fleischman

on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of Pathways - Intern Manager Training - Onboarding - HR support

- Jeff Bezos
across the EU
Submit your letter of interest or application via the Amazon platform.
Pierre-Marie Paganelli
Virtual Interviews:
3rd & 4th April
Virtual Interviews Singapore:
On-Site Interviews Fontainebleau:
3rd & 4th April for non-EU citizens
10th & 11th April
On-Site Interviews Singapore:
3rd & 4th April for non-EU citizens
11th & 12th April
Prepare for your interview...
Thank you for your time.
We're recruiting
Next Steps...
Pathways Intern Manager and Mentor Training: Expectations and Onboarding
Pathways Operations Leadership Program
Next stop General Manager!
Nicolas Rodrigues
Interviews for Internship
How To Apply
Opportunities Across the Globe
Pathways Operations Manager
Finance Leadership Development Program
Retail Leadership Development Program
Sr. Program Manager
HR Leadership Development Program
AWS CloudPath Program Manager
Sr. Product Manager
Sr. Product Manager – Technical Products
United States:
Consumer Leadership Development Program
Costa Rica:
Graduate Programs in Operations, Finance, HR
Pathways Operations Manager
Finance Leadership Development Program
Consumer Leadership Development Program
Sr. Program Manager
Finance Leadership Development Program
Category Leader Development Program
Sr. Product Manager
Pathways Operations Manager
Finance Leadership Development Program
Consumer Leadership Development Program
AWS Infrastructure Operations Manager
Solving complex problems that benefit our customers
Work in a unique network with increasing scale and flexibility
Optimisation of EU Fulfillment Network

Manager Impact
ATP team contacts
Interviews for Full-Time
On-Site Interviews Fontainebleau:
12th & 13th April
On-Site Interviews Singapore:
13th & 14th April
Your Role as a Manager
Consistently provide specific and actionable feedback.
Identify their strengths and support in their development.
Evaluate the intern for the full-time Pathways role.
Encourage your intern to learn more about Amazon.
Is not...
Delegating managerial responsibilities to others on your team.
Provide extra projects for your intern.
Workplace Impact
Connect the intern’s project to business goals and the customer.
Communication styles – is the environment inclusive for introverts and extroverts?
Social and team events – are they diverse?
Candidates should not be re-interviewed during placement.

Pathways Interns are intended to be “general athletes” and should not be required to have specific backgrounds to qualify for a group. 

These candidates are
, and despite a steeper ramp, this group will outperform industry peers in the longer-term as evidenced through performance data. 

The Internship Support Network
Internship Timeline: Manager Responsibilities
Build the project
Fill out the

Launch Plan
Intern Launch plan to stakeholders
Space Request
with your local space admin
introduction email
to intern and
attach the Intern Launch Plan
1 week before
the intern starts). Please CC Roberta D'Amore in the email (damorer@)
Do not share confidential information; interns aren't under an NDA until they join Amazon.
Before Arrival
Take intern to lunch
Take intern to lunch
week 3, week 6 and week 9 check-ins, midpoint presentation & final review
Have the intern
draft goals
Have your intern attend relevant
First Two Weeks
Prepare your intern for the

Attend midpoint presentation
Start soliciting
from stakeholders
Look for a
manager training
invite regarding “Intern Evaluation and Exit Process”
Complete the
Hiring Meeting Form
Final Presentation
Hiring Meeting
Final Review
with Intern on their last day, includes delivering the final hiring decision
Final Two Weeks
Throughout Internship
Encourage your intern to start writing their white paper early, and share the document often for review and guidance
Provide performance and project feedback
If necessary, raise performance concerns with the ATP team
Encourage your intern to attend trainings and social events
Your intern will attend AEW during their first week in their home FC (or another FC if they don’t speak the local language)
Feedback Surveys
Sent every two weeks to interns and managers
Data is collated and provided to Senior leaders who take corrective action if needed
Question for both populations include:
Understanding Goals
Value to the team/Confidence
Intern Summit
: from 25th to 27th July 2017

: Luxembourg

panel discussion with current and former Pathways to show career progression and share Pathways experience,
presentations of several business areas (PrimeNow, Ops, Supply Chain, etc.),
break-out sessions to discuss intern projects,
networking activities

Potential pitfalls
Lack of support
from intern manager to develop / coach interns and assist them with the project
Change in project
content and/or scope right before or after interns join Amazon
Change in intern manager
during the internship
Long absence of intern manager
(for business or annual leave) during the internship

Next steps
Secure a desk
(work with your local space admin to find your intern a desk
at least 2 weeks
before your intern arrives);
Complete the Intern Launch Plan
2 weeks
before the intern arrives);
your intern a
welcome email
attaching the
Intern Launch plan
1 week
before the intern arrives) - please CC Roberta D’Amore (damorer@amazon.lu) ;
Email the Launch Plan to stakeholders
involved (
1 week
before the intern arrives);
Set up permissions
1-3 days
after your intern arrives).
Amazon Talent Program Recruitment team:

Dora Harsfalvy
(harsfalv@amazon.lu) – ATP EU Manager
Anastasiya Oleshko
(oleshkoa@amazon.lu) – Recruiter for CEE
Alice Williams
(awiliams@amazon.com ) – Recruiter for DE
Mark Harman
(harmanmh@amazon.com) – Recruiter for UK and Virtual Panels
Nicolas Rodrigues
(ronicola@amazon.fr ) – Recruiter for South EU and CS
Roberta D’Amore
(damorer@amazon.lu ) – Campus Relationship Manager

Overview of Internship milestones
Note: It is paramount for the intern manager to participate in the Final White Paper Presentation, Hiring Meeting and Final Review.

HRBP or HR Manager support
In order to ensure an optimal intern experience, the
local HRBP or HR Managers have the responsibility

To support the interns by
providing career guidance or help with any employment-related issues
that arise during their internship.
At least 3 meetings
with the intern during their internship.
attend the Pathways Internship management training calls
provided by the ATP team in May/June – Content: Pathways Internship guidelines and the role of HR in the process.
attend the Final White Paper Presentation and Hiring Meeting
which take place during the last week of the internship. The time commitment for each intern is 1.5 hours.
Dora Harsfalvy (harsfalv@amazon.lu) and Roberta D’Amore (damorer@amazon.lu)
if you have any concerns about the intern’s performance
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