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Bridge Project

No description

on 18 May 2017

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Transcript of Bridge Project

add levels that incorporate other uses of Law of Moments
Bridge Project
Length of suitcase vs.
fy on handle
(for avg. American)
Abutment and
Abutment is an important building block of any bridge

Upward force is calculated with the Law of Moments
Scale Model Illustrated with Moments
The Mass of the Meter Stick
Brought to you by Cameron, Joe, Erik, and Maxine

Phet Simulation

we all did "game" levels
fy (N)
Length of suitcase (cm)

What does this mean?
As the length of the suitcase appreaches 100 cm the fy of the handel grows exponentially.
Data Collection
Equilibrium Game
Why did we fail?
Overall didn't remove the red blocks in the correct order
What was our rating of the game?
It was challenging, fun and exciting
What would you change?
Center of Gravity
regular shape
irregular shape
Collecting Data
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