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Marketing with Guild Overview

No description

Jenny Mercer

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Marketing with Guild Overview

Welcome to Guild Mortgage Company!
Let's Get Started Down the Road to Marketing.

Your Online Presence
Advertising at Guild Mortgage
Marketing & Ad Portal
Co-Branded Agent Marketing
Keeping In Touch
A website has been set up for you.
Websites and Mobile

Blog Section
Optional Video Images
Twitter Feed
Social Media:
Facebook and Linked In
Be Found Online!

Promotion of your website's content
Get to know your database
Network, Network, Network!
Have your voice heard online.
Company wide blogs updated weekly.

Write your own blogs once you complete the training and have approval.

Connect with your network.
Loan Status Email Notifications in MyKey
Marketing to Your Database
Email Notifications Sent to Your Referral Partner and Client During the Course of a Transaction:

Appraisal Received
Conditional Approval
Loan Documents Out
Loan Funded
Remember to get Approvals!!
If you opt to create your own flyers, newspaper, magazine, or other advertisements, they
MUST be approved through compliance!
Take your business mobile!
Mobile Websites Make it Easy for Clients to Find You!
Quick Contact Info
Mobile Calculators
Home Financing Tips
Share Feature
Pre-Qual Feature
Pre-Approved Marketing Materials
Agent Site and Property Sites

Automatically create a home page for each real estate agent.

Lead Capture forms

Several different color and background options to better match company logos.

Large high quality pictures that capture buyers interest.

YouTube FACTS:

The second largest search engine behind Google is YouTube.

YouTube videos are highly indexed on Google and typically show up on the first page.

The average consumer is more likely to click on a video link than any other link given the same placement.


Automatic Video Creation
and Virtual Tours
As long as you have at least 3 pictures for the property we will create a slide show video of your property and post it to YouTube and link it to your site.

Social Sharing

Easy simple ways for you, your agents, and website visitors to share to your listings socially.

No More Sign Up Sheets!
Open House System

All prospects are automatically entered into your back office and their contact information is stored.

After the open house is complete each prospect will be sent a thank you email with a property flyer attached.

Your leads are always available online by just logging into your account.

Instead of sign in sheets for the next open house just have visitors simply sign in on your iPad or Android tablet..

Let's Get Going!
EDGE Listing Pro
Next Steps:
Your new website will be found with the URL: www.GuildMortgage.com/officers/YOURNAME

Mobile sites can be found with the URL: http://m.guildmortgage.com/officers/YOURNAME

Expect weekly emails to be delivered to you with details on how to take advantage of these tools.

Complete your eLeap training so that you can begin to use the social media tools provided.
Next Steps:
Talk to your Marketing Coordinator about preparing your database for upload into our new CRM.

Select your marketing campaigns. Your Marketing Coordinator can provide the election form.

As you originate loans, make sure your real estate partner and client's emails are listed in MyKey so they receive their notifications.
Next Steps:
Visit the Marketing and Ad Portal through MyKey.
Explore the options in flyers and practice personalizing.
Make a plan to get them to your database.
Next Steps:

Pricing 

Eligibility 

Locking 







Relationships 

Marketing Campaigns 


Loan History 

Education & Resources

Marketing Materials 

Loan Presentation

Mortgage Market Guide 

Company NMLS # 3274
Company NMLS # 3274
Company NMLS # 3274
Mobile Property Websites
Craigslist HTML Listing and Flyer Generation with QR Codes
Great for Brand Recognition
Call Capture
All numbers of callers are stored in your back office and you will get notified after every call.

Buyers can get information about the home sent directly to their phone via text.

Give prospective buyers a 24 hour hotline to call about the property at the best location possible, right in front of the home.

Sign up for EDGE Listing Pro at www.EDGEListingPro.com/guild

Talk to your Real Estate Partners about signing up. Send them the link to your site so they can get signed up.

Don't forget that there is help for you!!!

Many Pre-Approved Flyers to Choose From!
Choose the one that works for you, preview it, download the pdf and print. Easy!
Your Internal Resources for Marketing- Mortgage Market Guide
You can access Vantage from MyKey
Get up to date market news!
Get Bond Quotes!
Customizable to your needs!
Get texts when the market changes.
Get daily market news.

There is a variety of tools for you from this link in MyKey!!! We'll cover them in this training!
It is important to make sure your contact information is accurate in MyKey for these email notifications to work properly!!
Many resources for you:
"How to" videos for EDGE Listing Pro on this page!
Recorded webinars!
Promotional videos!
Simple Pricing!

Loan Officers: $1.96 per month, per Realtor

Realtors: $6.38 per month for unlimited listings!
Have Questions?

Jenny Mercer
-Washington & Alaska

Katie Soy
- Oregon, Texas & Louisiana

Kacey Valla
- Desert Mountain Region
KValla@Guild Mortgage.net

Susan Gole
- California & Hawaii

MyCircle CRM and Vantage Marketing System is available to you to manage your database and send out campaigns to your clients, leads, and referral partners.

Your Marketing Coordinator can help you get started!
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