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Vanity Fair Presentation

School Project

Ryan Benedick

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Vanity Fair Presentation

Vanity Fair By: Ryan Benedick, Jerod Barker,
and Katie Krim 1873-1942 Condé Nast Created Condé Nast Publications which is
currently responsible for for over 18
consumer magazines including GQ,
The New Yorker, and Vougue. The birth of CNP was in 1913, Condé Nast bought a men’s fashion magazine, Dress, and released 4 issues titled “Dress and Vanity Fair.” Officially launched as “Vanity Fair” in 1914 under editor Frank Crownshield, who structured the magazine around what interested society With crownshield’s supervisions, Vanity Fair pulled incredible writers such as T.S. Elliot, Gertrude Stein, and Robert Benchley T.S. Elliot Gertrude Stein Robert Benchley Harvard educated modernist poet and winner of the 1948 Noble Prize for Literature Experimental poet and writer American humorist responsible for the beginnings of the Harvard Lampoon Writers Illustrative Covers The purpose of Vanity Fair was placed in type right on the front of the magazine. Vanity Fair was people, humor, art, satire, sports, and politics. Besides being limited technologically, illustrative covers are treated in a very stylized and exaggerated way. The Great Depression and end of Vanity Fair After peaking at 90,000 readers, the great depression slowly took advertisers and destroying revenue. Society had also been changed by the war, caring less for entertaining reading and more news based. November 1933 July 1933 May 1933 Franklin D Roosevelt on Sep. 1932 Herbert Hoover on Oct. 1931 President elect Roosevelt and VP on March. 1933 Professional athletes of Aug. 1933 Greta Garbo, Feb. 1932 Tennis Star Helen Moody, Aug 1932 Contrasting a fat cat against a down and out hobo, Oct. 1933 Vanity Fair Rebirth Celebrity Photographic Covers Targeted:
idealizing celebrities
sexual connotation, physical strength, appearances, and political stances Photographers Top photographers include featured are Bruce Weber, Mario Testino, Herb Ritts, Controversy Begins... August 1991 she featured a cover with Demi Moore who was pregnant at the time and also nude San Francisco Art Institute
Night classes in photography
Chief photographer for Rolling Stone
Left later to join Vanity Fair and in 1998 also worked for Vogue. photograph of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes with their “hidden child", Suri
first photo released to the public, which made it the second highest selling issue for the magazine A Little History Jennifer Aniston photographed by Mario Testino The Green Issue in May 2006 with Al Gore, along with Julia Roberts Robert F Kennedy and George Clooney Editorial controversy continues... In the May issue of 1996, tobacco industry whistle blower Jeffrey Wigand claimed Brown and Williamson intentionally increased the amount of nicotine in cigarettes, strengthening the addictive qualities. This story inspired the film adaptation, The Insider. Since 1893, Vanity Fair has expanded into markets in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain. Vanity Fair was revived in March 1983 and continued to highlight pop culture, specific movements or happenings, and icons within society. Vanity Fair revealed in its May 2005 issue the identity of W. Mark Felt, widely known as Deepthroat, whose testimony in the Watergate scandal incriminated former President Richard Nixon . Demi Moore posed for a second nude photo a year after the August 1991 cover highlighting her pregnancy went to press. Photo by David LaChappelle Controversial Concepts This photo shoot from the April 1999 issue received negative attention from many groups including the South Asian Journalists Association. Revealing
Shots Photo by Annie Leibovitz. August 1992. Cher, November 1990. Annie Leibovitz drew backlash again for her Miley Cyrus (15 at the time) photo shoot in the April 2008 issue. Daniel Craig, November 2012. Sofia Vergara, July 2012. January 1930 by Eduardo Garcia Benito. Many publications show obvious influence by the original 1991 VF cover. Bacchus by Carravagio. 1595 Vanity Fair 2010 Hollywood Issue 2012 Hollywood Issue 2008 Hollywood Issue 2005 Hollywood Issue First On The Scene Annie Leibovitz The begining Thank you! Ryan Benedick
Jerod Barker
Katie Krim
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