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Paula Cabrera

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of NUTRITION

Low-calorie diet It usually produces an energy deficit of 500–1,000 calories per day = 0.5 or 1 kg per week.

You have to eat things with few calories, so you'll lose weight.

Things you can eat Nutrition Mediterranean diet This diet is typical from the places near to the Mediterranean sea. Specially form Spain, Greece, Italy and Morocco. Vegetarian diet Balanced diet A well-balanced diet provides enough energy and nutrition for optimal growth and development.

Milk group (cheese, yogurt and milk)
Meat (chicken and turkey)
Oil Not balanced diet Nutrition in different places UsA China United Kingdom Spain AFRICA BENEFICTS · Lipids are more beneficits than fats of other countries.
· Prevent illness as high blood preasure, cholesterol and diabetes.
· Reduce the BMI.
· Mejora el desarrollo fetal y embrionario.
It can cause problems:
Body tissues
Brain and nervous system function
Growth and development
Bone and muscle systems
Obesity What is a diet? A diet is the practise of eating food in a regulated way in order to dicrease, mantain or increase your weight. Usually a diet is combined with exercise It can be practised by different kind of people (anorexic, obese...) The main characteristics are the consume of bread, cereals, vegetables, olive oil and legumes. Vegetarianism can be adopted for different reasons:
religious beliefs
animal rights
dislike meat
dicrease weight Mainly, it is the practise of not eating animal derived food.
There are some varieties. proportions: An unbalanced diet is when you don't get the minimum amounts of each food group everyday, and it has too much of some nutrients and not enough of others. ·250 calories less·More obesity · More sugar and lipids in the Mediterranean diet. The main Spanish foods are:
Potato Ommelete
Torrijas The main food are: The main Chinese dishes are:
three-jewel rice
Gulash The main dishes are:
Hot dogs
muffins and cookies The main dishes are:
Fish and chips
Roast beef
Chicken and mushroom pie
Apple pie The End
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