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Social Networking Presentation

Dos and Dont's when using Social Media

Troy Squillaci

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Social Networking Presentation

Lyndsey sees the message and considers her options. She realizes that she isn't actually able to start early and replies;

Dear Mr. Perez,
I will not be able to start working any earlier than we discussed. I do apologize. I look forward to starting work. Please contact me with any other concerns.
Lyndsey By Troy Squillaci, Lyndsey Hacker–McNew, and Pierre Malherbe The Dos and Dont's of Social Media Work Life Friends Personal Life Education Family Lyndsey, Pierre and Troy attended a Lobo football game, pre–game tailgating, and post–game party.
Lyndsey posts a photo of the three of them obviously very drunk and holding beers in their hands. All three of them are wearing UNM clothing. The photo's caption reads "UNM is the best party school ever. " Situation 1 – Football Celebration Pierre and his friend go to Verizon Wireless after his Android phone broke in hopes of obtaining a free replacement.
They tell him that the phone will be replaced and he should expect to see it in the mail soon. After a few days Pierre receives the new phone, except they accidentally sent him an iPhone. He is excited that Verizon made the mistake but decides to call in and ask if they want it back in return for the other phone. Verizon says keep it since they made the mistake. Pierre posts the news on his friends Facebook... Situation 1 – Android and iPhone Sources macworld.com – iPhone Image
opensourceresource.net – Android Image
top10hm.com – Gatorade Logo
bestclipartblog.com – Football Image
mrscjacksonsclass.com – Food Image
euraxess.cz – Facebook Logo
iconspedia.com – Linkedin Logo
themeanings.com – Exhaustion Image Situation 2 – Gatorade Theft Three friends go to the market and buy some food, they forgot about a pack of Gatorade on the bottom of their cart and walked out with it. They think it would be awkward to walk back in to the store and try to return it so they take it. One of the friends posts this on Facebook and tags his other friends that were there. Pierre posts on his friends wall:
"Dude, Verizon messed up and sent me an iPhone! I called in and they said keep it. I can't believe I have an iPhone now!" The Do Situation 2 The Don't Pierre posts on his friends wall:
"Wow those morons at Verizon were dumb enough to send me an iPhone to replace my Android. Their loss... cause now I got a new iPhone!" A fellow student failed the mid term in our Nutrition class. After dropping the class they express their opinion of the class and instructor on Linkedin. Lyndsey commented on the feed not realizing this is viewable by the instructor. This instructor agreed to write Lyndsey a letter of recommendation so they networked through Linkedin. Situation 3 The Do Lyndsey has both a Facebook and a Linkedin account. She uses Facebook for leisure and Linkedin for more serious, work related matters. Her future boss sends her a message on Linkedin asking her if she would be willing to start working for the company a week earlier than previously discussed. Situation 1 The other friends send a message to the friend that posted the status and ask him to remove the post since it was an accident. The Don't The other friends respond to the post saying how funny it was that the no one noticed. The Don't Lyndsey was up late and taking a study break and checking Facebook. She also checked Linkedin. Being in a "Facebook state-of-mind," Lyndsey replied to her boss "hahaha this is great, but i can't lol sorry!" Pierre has a Twitter account and occasionally checks it to see what his friends are up to. This is the only account that he has with Twitter and he uses it only for friends. Recently his uncle who is new to social media made a Twitter account. He wants Pierre to follow him but doesn't realize that the account Pierre is using is only for friends. Pierre sees the request and... Situation 1 – Dedicated Accounts The Do Pierre posts: "Man my uncle is so annoying. Doesn't he get this Twitter account is only for friends?" He never gets back to his uncle. The Don't Troy is applying to several jobs at the moment and has met with eight employers. He has been trying to think of a new clever Twitter post that will get his buddies attention Situation 2 The Do Pierre tells his uncle that the account is for friends only. He makes another account to use for family. He adds his uncle and they like happily ever after. The Do Troy sees the photo immediately and realizes how poorly it reflects on him and the university. He un–tags himself and messages Lyndsey and asks her to remove the image. Situation 2 – Social Addiction Pierre sees the photo and finds it very funny. He then tags "UNM Class of 2014" in the photo. He also "shares" the photo. Lyndsey convinces her mom to make a Facebook account. At first she is tentative about it, but she decides to give it a shot. Within a matter of days she is posting silly memes and photos on Lyndsey's wall. Lyndsey is fed up with the volume of garbage that is cluttering up her page so she decides to take action. Troy decides to post about one of the jobs he has just applied to. He writes: "Petsmart may be the lamest place to work but the manager has got a rock'n bod."

Troy's manager looks at his Linkedin and Twitter pages before deciding to hire him or not. Troy wonders why he never got a call back from Petsmart. The Don't The Do Troy decides to post about the crazy weather in Albuquerque lately and says he "I hope the cold weather will come soon" The Do Lyndsey explains to her mom that Facebook isn't meant to be used to post silly things but rather should be used to convey meaningful information to others. Her mom understands this and changes her attitude towards social media. The Don't Lyndsey removes her mom from her friends list and never takes the time to explain how Facebook is meant to be used in other ways. The Don't Situation 3 After a long day of work Pierre feels exhausted and frustrated he can't make it out with friends. Pierre tweets about his day to let everyone know why he wont be joining them. The Don't The Do Pierre tweets that his job sucks and administration doesn't know what quality patient care is! Pierre tweets that all frustration aside he is privileged to have a job, especially one so rewarding but unfortunately isn't able to make it to the party. The Do The Don't The Don't Lyndsey agrees with the student's post and continues to say that she would drop too if she didn't need the class so bad. The Do Lyndsey expresses her frustration too and wish the student the best. She stays positive and suggests dedicating more time in hopes of a better result next exam. Troy is one of the student leaders for the orientation program at UNM. On Facebook he is friends with some of the new students as well as the entire roster for the program. The semester starts and midterms quickly arrive. Troy is overwhelmed with work and is becoming stressed out. One of the other members in the orientation program asks over Facebook for some help with a few things to prepare for the next orientation. Troy already has enough on his plate and responds to member. The End! Troy reply's:
"Dude come on you think I have time for that? If you guys keep bothering me about helping out during midterms then I'll just leave the program..." Troy reply's:
"I would love to help out dude but I have so much going on right now. Midterms are killing me! After things calm down I'll see if I can help."
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