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Lesson 2 - The Scale of the Universe

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Luke Bohni

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Lesson 2 - The Scale of the Universe

The Scale of the Universe Lesson 2 actually, on this scale, it'd be about here Consider the Earth and Moon System Most people would
probably say the moon
is about this far away... So imagine how far away the other planets are, let alone other stars and galaxies. But this leads to the question... How is it that we can measure distances to other stars and astronomical objects when we can't actually travel to them? We use Light sabres So in order to understand how the Universe works, we need to first understand that wonderful thing that is light LIGHT IS OFTEN THOUGHT OF AS A WAVE, SO LET'S LOOK AT WHAT SOME OF THE CHARACTERISTICS OF WAVES ARE... LIGHT AS A WAVE A WAVE IS THE TRANSFER OF MATTER OR ENERGY FROM ONE POSITION TO ANOTHER. IT CAN BE A PERIODIC THING OR JUST A ONCE OFF EVENT BUT MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, IT TENDS TO BE REPETITIVE AND SO WE CAN ANALYSE THESE WAVES WHAT IS A WAVE?
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