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Traditional Chinese Family Values

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Alex Chen

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Traditional Chinese Family Values

Traditional Chinese Family Values
1.Highlight Male Power
3.Highlight Family Reunion
2.Highlight Family Reputations
Individual effort is not for realizing self-worth, but for glorifying family name.
In ancient China, passing the exams and becoming a scholar mean guaranteed high position and great credit to the family.
Spring Festival travel season usually lasts for around 40 days. The number of passenger journeys during the period has exceeded the population of China, hitting over 2 billion in 2008 and 3.4 billion in 2013. It has been called the largest annual human migration in the world.
Manus (authority of the husband)

Men are supposed to be superior to women.
Women must follow the the three obediences and the four virtues.

Three obediences:
a woman was required to obey her father before marriage, and her husband during married life and her sons in widowhood
Four virtues :
fidelity, physical charm, propriety in speech and efficiency in needle work

patriarchal  (authority of the father)

Fathers hold the maximum power and take the greatest responsibility of the family.
It is a long-held tradition for most Chinese people to reunite with their families during Chinese New Year. People return home from work or study to have reunion dinner with their families on New Year's Eve.
The saying, "Don't wash your dirty linen in public," specifically tells us that we should not discuss intimate family matters in public, especially if they are of a shameful nature.
There are still some views remaining unchanged in present day, such as respect for the elder, care for the younger and so on.
The story of Kong Rong
One day Kong Rong’s father bought some pears, picking one of the largest and giving it to Kong Rong deliberately. But Kong Rong shook his head and picked up the smallest one.
His dad was very curious, and asked, “why?”
Kong Rong said, “I am younger, so I should eat the smaller pear, and brothers should eat the bigger ones.”
His dad was very glad after hearing his
words, but asked further, “What about
your younger brother who is younger
than you are?”
Kong Rong said: “I am older than him,
so I should leave the bigger one to my
little brother.”
In ancient China, parents pay great attention to the teaching of their children’s virtue. Kong Rong in this story was a child of great humility, which was what pleased his father. Being modest is one of the basic virtue children should hold in ancient China, which was everywhere to be seen in life with other virtues.

The story of Huang Xiang
When Huang was only nice years old, he got the idea that he should be filial to his parents.
When it was summer, Huang would fan her parents’ mosquito net to cool the pillows and mat to create a better sleeping environment for his parents.
When is was winter, Huang would warm his parents’ bed with his body to make his parents sleep better at night.

When it comes to be filial to our parents, many people will think about buying presents or just giving money to their parents. However, it is always something very subtle that touch our parents deeply. Filial duty was very necessary in ancient times and so is in present day.
The advantages and disadvantages of the conservative family values
1.inherit the good style.
2.form a family tradition, maintaining family stability and social stability.
3.have strong sense of tradition to protect his culture and native culture.
1.stuck in the past, stagnant.
2.not conductive to the growth of children in the new century.
3.difficult to receive news ,hard to develop itself ,might even alienated from society.
4.some bad traditions are likely to affect the family member’s self-development.
5.the older generation and the young can conflict, leading to dysfunctional family.
Tiger mother,named AMY CHUA,who is Chinede American,is a professor of Yale university and a mother of tow daughters.
In order to make her daughters successful,she always punish them or insult them.

Eagle Dad
A man called "eagle dad"uploaded a video of his 4-year-old son,whom he had forced to run naked in the snow,to the Internet.

More and more people get a divorce
the higher price of house
personality clashes
flash marriage
women are more independent
The Advantages of Open Family Value
The Disadvantages of Open Family Value
1.Have more freedom to choose marriage. If you don’t want to get married, that is OK. Example: The increase of DINK
2.Be more independent. All members are more dependent on themselves.
3.Be more equal between family members. Have more communications between them.
4.Care more about personality and personal development. Have more freedom to learn something you love.

1.The increase of divorce rate and affairs.
2.The casualness of sex. The increase of irresponsible sex action.
3.Have less supervision from parents. Be easily to make some mistakes in the process of growth.
4.Care too much about pursuing oneself . The lose of family responsibility.
The Comparisons of Chinese and Western Family Values
Respect and understand children's choices and thoughts;

Let the children learn to be independent

Free development;

Communicate frequently and pay more attention to mental health;

Encourage more innovation and exploration
western parents:

Chinese parents:
more dominant, children obedient to their wishes

extensive protection

high expectation and only emphasis on learning

care more about physiological needs and ignore the psychological needs

more negative antitudes towards children's creation

relatively stable family;
take family relationships more seriously;
family is more important than individuals;
marriage is very serious.

think that marriage is just a personal stuff and anybody eles can't interfere;
family is there for family members and should protect personal rights and dignity.

in traditional chinese culture, man is the leading in the family; woman is in the assistance
parents' status is higher than the children and children should respect the authority of their parents
in the family, man and woman is in the equal status,and has the the same right to development and option
parents and children more emphasize the freedom and equlity

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