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Pop Culture: Fairy Tales

No description

Rachel Livsey

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Pop Culture: Fairy Tales

German Pop Culture in America
Is there a German influence on pop culture in America?
Recognize any of these?
Little Red Riding Hood
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Goldilocks und die drei Baeren
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
What would your childhood would have been like without?
These fairy tales, or Maerchen in German,
have had a huge impact on American pop culture.
Where do these fairy tales come from?
Die Brueder Grimm:
Jocab and Wilhelm Grimm are responsible for the collection of stories known as the Grimm Fairy tales.
Grimm Fairy tales were not written by the Grimm brothers, but collected from many towns in Germany.
What do all these fairy tales have in common?
One of the first original
copys of Grimm fairy tales
Common Fairy Tale Elements
Begin with "Once upon a time"
Magic numbers are 3 and 7
A secret
A curse
Talking Animals
Happy Ending
Evil witch/step mother
Every fairy tale has a moral or lesson
Children were told fairy tales to teach them a lesson or to scare them into being good.
Other Aspects of Pop Culture
Where else has the Brothers Grimm shown up in pop culture?
Now on to my next point..........
A Change.....
Donener Kebab
The End
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