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Why Do You Still Smoke?

No description

Lisa Cousino

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Why Do You Still Smoke?

Interview Survey Results Artifacts Quote Map What I found out Why Are We Still Smoking? Smoking is more than just and addiction. People start smoking for more reasons than peer pressure or to look "cool", smoking for people is a way of life. Smoking helps people make friends and be a part of a group. Smoking helps people fit in, but with a price to pay. By: Lisa M. Cousino
Oakland University Field Notes "Cigarettes are the only substance legally sold that, when the user follows the instructions carefully, will result in the consumer becoming toxic, Chronically ill, or dead."
-DR Max Snyder PAtrick "(Smoking) it's how i met most of my firends on campus. You always have someone you can call up and chill with outside... there is nothing to really do when you smoke but talk, so you are always making new friends." Smokers Corner Hamlin Hall Vandenberg Vanwagner Hill Fitz S. Foundation N. Foundation The OC Before you Start Smoking Don't Just some facts Smoking contributes to:
Lung Cancer
Yellowing of teeth and nails
Bad breath
Studies have found a link to breast cancer
Heart Disease
Death Whats in a cigarette Second hand smoke causes 7,500 to 15,000 infants to be hospitalized a year. There are Many ways to quit Replacement theropy Hypnosis Hotlines
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