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Traveling like a Broke College Student

No description

Leesan Kwok

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of Traveling like a Broke College Student

Traveling like a Broke College Student
Insider Tricks
WHERE to get flights
*No student discounts, but they tend to find great deals

International Student Identification Card
Available for teachers too
Hella discounts everywhere (including the US)
Amtrack discounts
DELL and Lenovo computers
Hotel, museum, food discounts
$25 Annual fee
Needed for some exclusive student deals
Prime Time to buy flight tickets
When the clock strikes 00:00 (or 12am) on Tuesday.
Airlines release new seats, flights etc then.
(These aren't really insider tricks... it just takes some time to Google, that's all)
When to Travel
NOT on weekends.
So that means weekdays.
Booking Hotels
STATravel.com has the best deals ever so far
$64 for two nights in London (really good reviews, prime location, 7 minutes from King's Cross... it doesn't get better than this)
Wolcott Hotel in NY. Originally $200/night, student discount price $64/night. 8 blocks from Grand Central
Booking early is great, but...
If you chance upon tours that are departing soon and looking for people to fill up spots, and you can spontaneously hop to Europe with your mad quick-packing skillz, tours can be REALLY cheap sometimes.
Get insurance... always.
Get it from STATravel again.
My flight insurance was $25 (lost baggage, flight delays, bad weather etc) versus around $40 from Virgin Atlantic
Travel insurance was only about $150 for a whole month in London.
Example Time!
San Francisco
Refrain from buying the cute Eiffel Tower keychain, because you can get that for $5 in bulk on Amazon.

Your mantra is, "I'm a broke college student."
**ALWAYS shop around**
Airlines (especially Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America) partner up with these websites to offer the best student discounts
Or use your accumulated mileage points to get tickets. If you plan on traveling a lot, it might be wise to invest in an airline credit card
Clear your Browser
Or open different airticket websites on different browsers.
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