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Concordia Men's Ministry

The vision for Men's ministry at Concordia University Chicago in the 2010-2011 school year.

Chris Harrison

on 11 June 2010

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Transcript of Concordia Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry Concordia University Chicago
ManGroup ManChurch 127 Missions The Mission We believe that men need the help and support of other men to grow spiritually mature as the men of God that they were created to be.


We seek to be interconnected, multi-generational and intentional in all of our efforts and mission. In Romans 12, Paul tells us that worship is about life;
that it involves all of who we are and seek to be.

In this way, Concordia Men’s Ministry seeks to
embrace worship in every direction
and thus organizes itself as follows… Backwards:
Embracing the roots of who we are

Small Groups

Weekly meetings

Located in dorms, apartments and stairwells

For the purpose of support, accountability and bonding

celebrating God’s redemption of all things

Big groups

Monthly meetings

worship, cookout, social events



partnerships with local churches and men's groups forward:
Because Jesus calls us into mission to serve the world

Monthly events

coordination of men and mangroups

serving needs in the community

Putting faith and manhood into practice Withward Because we were created to live in community An important facet of men's ministry is that along with understanding and growing in who we are as men of God, we also seek to honor and support our sisters in Christ as the beloved children of God that they exist to be. Therefore Concordia Men's ministry seeks throughout the year to partner with the women's ministry in purposeful ministry that seeks to edify each group Outward Because we seek to be a whole people As a part of our multi-generational mission, we seek to partner with local churches and men's ministries to offer as wide a variety of men's communities as we are able. Connections with churches serve to both edify our campus community as well as bring flesh and blood to the 'whole' body of Christ. MOb (Men of Beer) - Trinity Lutheran, Lisle, IL

Suzao college ministry - First Presbyterian, River Forest, IL
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