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maccoy cosburn

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Divergent

Novel Study
By: Mac-Coy
The Eurdite faction controls all the factions and they are starting a war on Abnegation (Tris's home faction). At the start of the war, all of the Dauntless initiates are injected with a "truth serum". This serum doesn't work on the Divergents. All of the Dauntless initiates become zombies under the Eurdite and are controlled to start war.
In order to save her family she kills Will who tries to kill her, to protect her and her mother. Sadly enough, her mother doesn't make it nor does her Father.
There is five Factions
This symbol (
A red

tree in a circle
) is Amity Faction, they are the producers or farmers of the factions and are the providers for the all five factions food supply.
Divergent's defy the factions simulations and can easily destroy and corrupt the Factions to be one in this post-apocalyptic chicago, so they won't be safe. That is simply why they are dangerous and are killed...
Four: He is nicknamed Four, because his worst fears are Four. His real name is Tobias Eaton his Father is the ruler of Tris's Faction (Abnegation). Plus him and Tris are a item, and there is a two year gap between them. He is a young nine-teen year old Dauntless, second in command leader to Eric.
Eric took Four's to become the Dauntless leader. In Dauntless you are suppose to overcome all your worst horrible deep dark fears. He is loyal, and is a protector, and is also a Divergent.
Tris, has blonde hair and gray eyes, with a slender build and a narrow face strucutrre.
She is very bold, and a brave young girl.
She hates to show weakness, and cowardness, she is a strong warrior. She left Abneagtion, because she felt like she wasn't selfless. During the final stage of iniatiation, they get to face their fears; Tris has seven fears, and being DIvergent she manipulates them.
Her mother was a born Dauntless and chose to live in abnegation instead for a better life. and she has seven fears too,
Climax of Plot
One possible climax of the plot is when the "truth serum" doesn't work on her. That's when they figure out she is divergent, becuase her whole Faction is now a zombie and she is awake and active, trying to blend into the crowd. She fumbles and is no longer insync with the corwd Eric notices that she is Divergent and reports to Jenine, then the Faction turns on her and tries to kill her. Then, she luckily escapes and tries to save her family. Now the war breaks out on Abnegation.
Another climax of the plot is when they take in Tobias to the centre of the Eurdite science lab, where they inject a Anti-Divergent serum that turns him into a zombie that is against her. She then tries to talk to him reassuringly to the Tobias that isn't effected. It works and then she unplugs the machine that has the dauntless under control then they are now un-hypotized.
Rate: 5 stars, why?
Because the novel has a great description and gives amazing detailed insight on what Tris is experiecneing and in her life and how she feels about the people in her life. Plus lots of detail, the movie i don't prescribe it. The novel is way better.
By: Veronica Roth
Beatrice and her brother Caleb, live in the faction called Abnegation (the selfless), and they get to chose which faction they decide next to live in. But, firstly way before choosing their new faction, they get judged first. They enter the aptitude test...
The aptitude test results state which Faction they are the best for.
All sixteen year olds in all five factions have to enter the aptitude test indiviaully; they enter a dull room with a chair that stimulates the test "the test it is like a dream, but it is so real". Said Trice talking to her judge (Tori). They get injected in the neck with a orange fluid then they relax and are in the stilmation. For Divergents they tweek the test they bend the reality of the test to their will. Divergents get to choose which faction they desire, for Tris she could have choosen Edurite or Abnegation and Dauntless.
Abnegation they are selfless and are perfect for a government system, which they do.
Candor, their symbol is the black scale it weighs out the bad from the good. They can not tell a lie at all, they are the most honest faction ever! They are trained not to lie about anything; anything that is on their mind comes out of their mouth immediately.
In their final stage of the initiation, individaully they stand in front of all of the faction members. Also the judges get to ask anything they want from personal questions to not so serious questions. If they bother to tell a lie they either die or are factionless (Homeless)
Erudite, The blue eye that never blinks but watches very carefully. They are the Faction that is the research compound. They have multiple libraries and have a secret lab. This Faction is controlled by Jenine Matthews, she wants war on Abnegation and she makes the truth serum so the dauntless attack the Abnegation.
Finally the Dauntless, they are the brave and bold they are always in close call accidents (near death) Like jumping out of a speeding train to jump onto a roof without failing. They are the muscle of all of the Factions.
2 Chronicles 15:5
"In those days it was not safe to travel about, for all the inhabitants of the land were in great turmoil."
Four: When he first meets Tris it is an instant love connection. She doesn't like knowing that there is a two year gap between them "Yes, that whopping two year gap really is insurmountable" Page 150
Is always Four's reply. Tris and Four are an item, Four is loyal, and caring and is very protective. In his fearscape; he had to face his worst possible fears ever. He is scared of heights and killing his abusive father, and is costrophobic to shooting an innocent person. That is how he got his nickname is by having Four fears. His real name is Tobias William Eaton, his Father is Leader of the Abnegation Government system Marcus Eaton. Four is originally from abnegation.

Caleb: Caleb is the definition of the Erudite Faction
he had books piling up in his room, and is loyal, trustworthy, and is deceiveful toward his family. He believes the phrase "Faction over Blood"-Page 10 He betrays them by secretly working with Jeninie Matthews by telling her weakness of his powerful Father that evidently weakens the Abnegation Faction. When he still lived in the Abnegation Faction he took care of Beatris and loves her. Now in Erudite

Christina: Christina and Tris met in the Dauntless train when they were the last ones to jump on the roof building. She is tall and lankly girl who transferred from Candor Faction and is African- American. She thinks of her self first, she also occasionally picks on Tris. Christina is also in a relationship with Will. She takes credit for Tris's ideas.

Will: Will and Tris became friends on the day they transferred to the Dauntless Faction - The Choosing Ceremony. Tris killed Will, has he was hypotized and under the truth serum a "zombie", in that predictment it was virtually be killed or kill the killer.

Al: Al became friends with Tris when they both transferred into the Daunltess Faction. He had a crush on Tris. He was in peer-pressure, and is emotional weak. Peter and Drew talked him into kidnapping Tris and attempting in throwing her into the chasm with Peter and Drew-she was a threat to their success. Afterwards, he tried to apologize to her but Tris said she would kill him, and that he was a coward. All of that harshness contributed to his suicide. He jumped off into the chasm...

Eric: Dauntless leader, he is very ruthless, a champion, extremely narrow minded. His moral motto "Survival of the fittest", that is why only ten initiates can become Dauntless.

Andrew Prior: Andrew is Tris's and Caleb's Father, he was a passionate leader that governor alongside Marcus. He later became K.I.A (killed in Action) while saving his Daughter and Son, so they could stop this madness! Strong believer for Abnegation, willing to sacrifice himself for his children, bold, brave, heart of a soldier.

Natalie Prior: Wife to Andrew Prior, Born Dauntless, left Dauntless to have a better life.
Setting- A future, Post-Apocalyptic Chicago
The buildings are noted to be crumbling and the lakes are now swamps, in the novel Divergent. There is a small group of survivors that built themselves a fence and made their own little community. Sparce evidence, is presented to understand what happened to Chicago and where in time this it set is unknown. The survivors decided to divide themselves into five factions based on their personalities and their philosophy. Abnegation is for the selfless they are the government system. Amity- is for the peacekeepers and the food source, they work outside the fence in the swamp grounds. Candor- For the harsh honest truth, they can't tell a lie and everything of them and their personal life is exposed to the whole faction. Dauntless- For the thrill seekers, possible near death, they are brave. Erudite- For the smart people that like to research a lot and they experiment the sciences too.
Themes: Christian Themed.
In Abnegation, she grew in a christian atmosphere, every day when dinner was served on the table they'd pray and before going sleep they pray. In her free time in abnegation she read the Bible in her Christ home. The Eurdite are sinister and full of turmoil and hatred for the Abnegation Faction, they seek to destroy, they are in this stance like the devil taking power over the good. Tris and the Abnegation Faction don't believe in the genetic modifcation process. Even in the tough times she prayed to God saying "Thank you, God, for your Son and for blessing me beyond comprehension to live through this tough time". Life can be so hard to comprend and seems like your going fail, just believe in God, and he'll make everything better for you.
Page: 40
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