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Annual Wellness Policy

No description

julie mack

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of Annual Wellness Policy

Centennial Wellness Committee
"The Centennial Wellness Committee is dedicated to supporting and promoting the health and wellness of our diverse community."
-Wellness Committee Mission Statement
Annual Wellness Policy
School Board Presentation
SY 15-16 March 9, 2016

Cafeteria Concerns
CHS Cafeteria
Active Living:
Physical Education and Activity
Working on Wellness
Green Schools and the Centennial Resource Conservation Team
Building Wellness Focus
Healthy Eating
"It's not nutritious unless you eat it."
-John Waker
Healthy Eating
Active Living
Green Schools
Lets Move Active Schools
Staff Appreciation Weeks
Alliance for a Healthier Generation and Healthy Schools Program Assessment tool
Oregon Healthy Schools
A Partnership with ODE
Comparison of CSD to 486 other Oregon schools and 32,141 National Schools enrolled in the Healthy Schools Program . Assessments are self-reported by individual schools.
A variety of fruits, vegetables, and hot entrees everyday
Over 9,000 Farm to School lunches have been served twice a month featuring local Oregon foods.
On average, 70% of students are eating lunch
Only 28% of students are eating breakfast.
Farm to School Grant
Harvest of the Month
Fresh Fruit and Veggie Grant

$3000 Grant Award for PE/PA equipment!
In k-6th grade there is a 125minute/week gap in current PE offered and 2017 proposed standards

CMS exceeds standards but 8% of students have no PE

CHS meets standards
Next Steps:

CHS Cafeteria Updates
Sharing Nutrition Information and continued menu updates
CHS Weight room improvements
Continued supports of PE/PA
Employee Wellness
Increased academic connections to wellness

Year 2 OEA Choice Trust Grant!

Supporting staff with stress management, weight and nutrition resources, and physical activity opportunities!
Join us for the Classified Staff Social event Thursday March 10th in the CMS Cafeteria! Bingo, Door Prizes and
You're Eggcellent winners!
Communication updates

Needs new equipment, meal service pattern and cafeteria updates!
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