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Black Butler

No description

Ashley Hernandez

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of Black Butler

Black Butler
Author and Manga
Author: Toboso, Yana
Black Butler is about a boy name Ciel Phantomhive, who had a live-changing event once he reached the age of 10. As he encountered the brisk of near-death, he met a demon. A demon that placed Ciel in a position of life and death: in exchange of his life, the demon was to do whatever he wanted. This was the perfect deal for Ciel to get his revenge on those who had killed his loved ones. And this demon becomes his butler with the name that Ciel decides for him: Sebastian Michaelis. He was to serve and protect the young master until the deal is complete.
Director And Anime
Director:Shinohara, Toshiya
Ciel Phantomhive
Season 2 Main Character
Alois Trancy
Black Butler
By: Ashley Hernandez 8A
Manga Published:
Japanese Release Date: Februrary 27,2009
English Release Date:January 26,2010
Season 1 Release:
Oct 03,2008
Season 2 Release:
July 2, 2010
Main Character for Season 1
Sebastian Michaelis
Claude Faustus
3 Reliable and Unreliabe website
3 Reliable Website
Season 2 Opening
Season 1 Opening


1 Unreliabe Website
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