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Sir Francis Dake's expedition

The first man to complete a voyage around the world without dying. Also he defeated the Spanish Armada.

Mark Wong

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Sir Francis Dake's expedition

Question 1
Who is he and what did he do? Sir Francis Drake was a english sailor and explorer, he explorered the area of Tierra del Fuego he also was the first to completed a journey around the world.
He was born in Tavinstock, Devonshire, England on 1540
He died of a fever in Portobelo, colon, Panama on Januaary 28,1596
His ship was called the Golden Hind Sir Francis Drake's
Expedition around the World Question 2
Why did he sail around the world? Question 3
Why did he choose the route the way he went? Question 4
What were the dangers he faced on his journey Question 5
What were the consequences of his travels? Question 6
What is the Spanish Armada? He didn't choose to do it or not,
he was sent by Queen Elizabeth 1
to raid south american ports when
he completed his task he thought
he could go through south and north
america and go to england. When he got there
he searched around the area for a strait,
but there wasn't any way past so he sailed
west sailing completely around the world.
Picking of spanish galleons on the way. He didn't exactly choose the way he went
because sent to raid south american port.
He tried going through the middle of south
and north america, but not being to go through
the only way was to go west and try to
go to back to england, so basiclly he sailed around
the world by accident and without knowing it. Question 7
How did he die? Sir Francis Drake died of dysentery in 1596, off the coast of Panama Dysentry is basiclly a bowel infection which causes severe diarhhea. It is spread hygiene, infected food or contaminated water. It is most likely that all these causes actually came to infect Drake. The disease is a horrible form of vommiting and endless bowel movement, enevtually leading to severe dehydration Question 8
How did he navigate? Sailors depended on compasses adn the stars
to pinpoint locations and it is likely that
Drake used these and maybe a map of what the
English explored at that time. Sailors at that time
also knew how close they are to land, by seeing birds
because birds can't fly far from land or they won't
be able to land and they will be exhausted to death, also
they can jugde the depth of water by it's color. The Spanish Armada was a Spanish Fleet that
sailed against England under the command
of the Duke of Medina Sidoniain.
They planned to overthrow Elizabeth 1 of
England. Drake defeated the fleet of Spanish
galleons and ships on the date 1588 1540, Sir Francis Drake was born

1577-1580, Started his journey around the world

1580,He came home and became the first to live the voyage around the world

1587,He attacked Spain taking down reinforcmeents for the Armada

1588, He Defeated the Spanish Armada and stopped their terroist like acts

1588, This was his last voyage but he still killed the Armada's escaping survivors

1596, He breathed his last breath and died of a bowel infection.

Today, He is famous
The dangers he faced may vary, but most of the time all sailors at his time feared storms and tidal waves. Since the ships were made mostly of wood they were more vulnerable to the harsh waves than the ships nowadays. Also they had to watch out for pirates that travel in bigger groups, but for merchants they had to even whatch out for a single pirate ship. As for Sir Francsi Drake he had to watch ou for Spanish Galleons or fleets The conseqeunces was that he stopped
the spanish Armada from doing any more
Terrorist like things to the English and made the
English naval fleet the strongest at their times. Also
he helped prove the Earth was round by sailing around the world.. And he also became the first man to actually live the voyage around the wolrd! He was also knighted earning the title Sir. This is Sir Francis's Drake This is a picture of a knighting This is the battle with the Armada This is a compass This is Sir Francis Drakes ship the Golden Hind
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