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Cleaner Speeder

A business prezi about a product for CTE. We will present this in class.

Kaitlyn Richards

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of Cleaner Speeder

Cleaner Speeder
Revolutionizing Cleaning
Our business idea we are proposing is to create cleaning robots.
Vacuumar 2000
This advanced piece of machinery vacuums your floor.
Vacuumar 2000
It has sensors on it to prevent crashing into walls.
Vacuumar 2000
As a bonus feature you can load pictures into it and it will know the lay of the land even better.
Dusteze 747
This wall sticking robot has rolling dusters on it.
Dusteze 747
It also has the same sensor system that is in the Vacuumar.
Dusteze 747.5
This second robot is a much more gentle one designed to dust glass and smaller objects.
Sweepy 64 and Mopper 87
These robots come in a pair that sweep and mop your kitchen, also armed with amazing sensors.
All - Purposee 967
This robot can clean kitchens and bathrooms alike.
Brought to you by Jeremy Blackett, and Kaitlyn Richards
All-Purposee 967
It has unique compartments inside that store all purpose cleaner that it can then use. When it runs out it you can refill it.
Other products and services
We sell chargers to charge your robot's batteries, and we also provide repairs to your robot if it is damaged.
Thank You For Your Time!!!
Cleaner speeder, to take care of your cleaning needs
Vacuumar 2000
Tops all other automatic vacuums by also shampooing the carpet as it is vacuuming. And of course you can shut off the shampooing feature.
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