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My life

No description

camilo sanchez cuestas

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of My life

The Tree of
My Life

By: Camilo Sánchez
The Tree has 5 branches
1. How two gardeners met
2. When the seed started to grow
3. When the seed was a plant
4. Tree's nowadays
5. Future of the tree
When the seed started to grow
When the seed was a plant
Future of the tree

When I was 3 years old
I entered to the kindergarten "Mamá Isabel".
At age of 4, I started to study at Newman School.

They went to meet my father's parents in a restaurant in Bogotá.
Then, they went to Duitama to meet my mother's parents.
They started living together in 2001.
Tree´s nowadays
The first one who saw me was my father.
When I was 10 years old my mother went to study to Seattle, U.S.A for 5 months, that was very hard for me.
Song named: I've been thinking about you.
How two gardeners met
I am at Newman School, in fifth grade.
I am 12 years old
I live in Bogotá with my family and my pet Vitto.
I like soccer, karate and playing video games
My almost-cousin Maria Del Mar.
For my future I want to be a soccer player
Or a videogame designer
I want to have a wife and two children
and I want to have a big house
In 1999
At work
One year later...
they started talking
They became
Boyfriend and girlfriend
Yahoo Messenger
My father was sending messages
And became friends
To my mother
Two hours later
She sent a message saying
Their first date...
Was in a restaurant
My dad picked my mom up
in her house
And then my dad took my mom to her house
"What I like most of her it was that she was very smooth. She was too "sweet".-my father.
"What I liked most about him was that he was very gentleman"-my mother
May 30th, 2003
Hospital David Restrepo
Call me
Hair smelled like butter
My sister Isabela
5 years old
Happiest day of my life
5 years old
Family and I
Our new and current apartment
6th birthday
My parents got married
8th birthday
Orlando, Florida
First time
I went to U.S.A
6. poem
This is my poem...
My little car
is going far
through the stars

I wonder how it would be now
without my parents and friends around
because everyone starts from down.
and this car is a champion now.

Because he's learned to be tough
thanks to the people he will always love.
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