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Mythical Creatures

My Mythical Creatures project for the G&T extra assignment

Lara Ambers

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Mythical Creatures

The Hydra A guide to Greek mythical creatures Mythical creatures Table of contents
-Do you know who raised some of the most terrifying mythical creature's?
-The Hydra
-Hydra's Famous Brother
-One of Cerberus's most popular sister
-The stone danger
-The Nemean lion The answer is Echidna and Typhon.
They raised several Greek Creatures including Cerberus, Orthrus, The Hydra, The Chimera, The Caucasian eagle (co-CA-sion), Colchian Dragon (coal-key-en), The Sphinx, The Nemean Lion, Medusa, and The Dragon named Ladon Do you know who raised some of the most terrifying mythical creature's? The Hydra was a serpent water monster that had seven heads. In addition, if one was cut off, two more would replace it. The only way to stop the regrowth of the heads was to put fire on the wound. The Hydra was eventually destroyed by Heracles. Hydra's Famous Brother One of Hydra's most famous brothers
was Cerberus, the defender of the under-world. Cerberus was said to have three heads that each represented the past, present, and future. The Sphinx as you may know, is a monstrous beast with the head of a woman, the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle. She lived on a rock near Thebes and asked a riddle. The one who answers correctly would pass and would be a hero, but those who couldn't were eaten alive. The riddle was, "What animal is that which in the morning goes on four feet, at noon on two, and in the evening upon three?" Oedipus came to save Thebes. He answered saying, "Man, who in childhood creeps on hands and knees, in manhood walks erect, and in old age with the aid of a staff." (erect means upright or straight) The Stone Danger Medusa Medusa is a female and has a human body and face, but instead of hair she has monstrous snakes, dangling and sprouting from her head. In the end, she was beheaded by Perseus. The Monster family (circled are the one's we are going to talk about) The Nemean Lion Colchian Dragon (coal-key-en) Chimera Male Females The Sphinx Hydra Parents Echidna (a-kid-na) Typhon Medusa Cerberus Orthrus The Caucasian eagle (co-CA-sion) The Nemean lion What's so special??????????????? It's true that the Nemean lion is a lion, but saying that it is JUST a lion would be an understatement. The Nemean lion has golden glittering fur that is swordproof and is extremely warm. So because of it's fur, the Nemean lion is precious. How much have YOU learned? Try this game to find out! The Pegasus The Pegasus is an extraordinary mythical creature. The truth is, the Pegasus is not a part of Echidna nor Typhon's family. she may be considered as a part of the family, but not completely. The myth says that the Pegasus was not born by anything that has to do with the sky. It was born from Medusa. You may have never heard of Medusa having a husband, because if you had, then that is completely incorrect. When Medusa was slayed, the Pegasus leaped from her blood. It was said that the fight was on the beach, which was where Medusa's blood fell, hence the white fur that the Pegasus always have. Here's how it works, two teams, Red and Purple. Try to find the answers to the questions. Each team gets to answer. Some questions may be worth a different amount of points. Whoever gets the most points at the end wins. The danger?

Hydra's bite is venomous, just like any ordinary dangerous snake.

Medusa is dangerous... do you know why? THE ANSWER! ROUND 1 Medusa can turn people to stone, just by looking directly into their eyes! Round 2 The Riddle Do you know who raised some of the most terrifying mythical creatures? The monster family The monster family The Hydra The Riddle The Nemean lion The stone Danger Medusa Medusa was dangerous, not because of her bite, nor her toxic. She was dangerous for a different reason. Medusa is well known for her ability to make people into stone, just by looking in their eyes directly. Medusa eventually was be-headed by Perseus. The stone Danger Hydra's Famous Brother Pegasus How is the Nemeon Lion special? ANSWER! As we discussed before, the Neamean lion has golden glittering fur, that is sword-proof and is extremely warm. Round 3 Who challenged Medusa? ANSWER! It was Perseus who be-headed Medusa. Round 4 How many heads does Cerberus have? ANSWER! Cerberus has 3 heads. Round 5 The Pegasus's mother is........

A. Another horse
B. A mix animal
C. Medusa
D.A hero ANSWER! It's C. Medusa. Round 5 Cerberus has 3 heads. They each represent... ANSWER! The past, Present, And Future. BONUS! How was Pegasus born? ANSWER! The pegasus was born by Medusa, when she was slayed. It was said that Pegasus sprang from her blood, then fell on the sand, giving Pegasus it's white color. BONUS! What was the Sphinx's famous riddle? POINTS: 2 POINTS: 2 POINTS: 3 POINTS: 4 POINTS: 4 POINTS: 4 Points: 27 Points: 30 ANSWER! "What animal is that which in the morning goes on four feet, at noon on two, and in the evening upon three?" Table of Contents What have YOU learned? PG.0 PG.1 Learn! It was Typhon and Echidna who was the parents of these terrible beasts. The Pegasus Pegasus
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