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fun bio

Brianna Barone

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of FUN.

FUN. By:Brianna Barone FUN. is a band
that was created in 2000 and is still present. There are 3 people in the band and they are all talented. My favorite song is Some nights. Here's a look. FUN.'S lead singers name is Nate Ruess. He was born in Iowa City, Iowa on Febuary 26 1982. When he was 2 he moved to Glendale, Arizona and lived with his two brothers and one sister. Nate attended Deer Valley High school and graduated in 2000. His uncle performed as a lead character on Boadway. Thats where he got his inspiration to start singing and writing his own songs. Nate did not have any other careers than being in a pop band. Lifes Challenges Nate Ruess had an alcohol problem
for just a little bit while he was waiting nervously by the phone for a call from the record label. This caused him to get depression while he was in therapy because he felt ashamed of himself. FUN. songs are inspiring because most of them are about not giving up and having fun while we are young. Thats the name of FUN'S greatest hits that everybody knows. FUN.'S awards they won was a Teen choice
awards, Best Song,Best Pop Video, and
many more. FUN. hasnt made alot of
songs and is connsidered a new artist but
is still really good.
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