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Whoosh Bottle Lab

No description

Jordan D'Abbraccio

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Whoosh Bottle Lab

Whoosh Bottle Lab
- physical properties-characteristics
ex. color
- chemical properties- a substance that changes its chemical identity
- chemical change- atoms in a substance that rearrange to create new substance
-evidence- gas, temp, substance chance
- fire will mix with alcohol
-create a fire
-Safety goggles
-Water jug
-Add 20- 30 mL of alcohol
-Pick up container and swirl around the alcohol
- pour out all exess liquid into
-light a match, drop into a jar, and step back
-big flame is created in container
- whoosh sound
- water is created

Demonstrates a chemical change
Discussion (con.)
physical properties before- liquid
physical properties during- liquid
physical properties after- gas
Discussion (con.)
Phase changes of chemicals
starts as a liquid
heat caused- phase change
Discussion (con.)
Chemical properties before- combustible
chemical properties during- burning
chemical properties after- water
answer: whoosh bottle was chemical change
hypothesis: support because fire shows its a chemical change
Real Life Example
Cylinder firing in a rocket. Has same heat as the whoosh bottle does
To find out what happens when alcohol vapors and fire met
Work Cited
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