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UQ Library LibInform: Twitter

How to set up, tweet, retweet, follow, gain followers; using Twitter desktop and mobile applications

Jennifer Creese

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of UQ Library LibInform: Twitter

UQ Library LibInform Series

Twitter Setting up
an account Posting Following Personalising
and Privacy Addins and Extras Real Examples
from our Panel... More Information What and Why? Twitter is "microblogging" - Short (140 character) posts, easy to update
networking - personal/professional
news - news services, companies, specialist topics, celebrities
communication - personal/professional
sharing - links, ideas, questions, answers, jokes
Your username is your twitter "handle"
People will speak to you with this
e.g. @username Who could you follow? Following:
sign up to the tweets
of people when you want to see everything they tweet. Find them on Twitter and
Click to follow 140 character limit Tips:
Use shortening lingo (e.g. def = definitely, thx = thanks)
Use a URL shortener to shorten your links (e.g. bit.ly)
Reply or direct a post to someone or mention them - use @ (e.g. @uqlibrary) DM - Direct Message:
A private message nobody other than you and the user you message can see (they must follow you to view it) Retweet (or RT) - forward something
someone else has said to all your followers
e.g. RT @ALIAAccess: Where is the best place to dine in Brisbane? Hashtags - mark your tweet as being
about a particular subject.
Can be standard and set (e.g. for an event #aliaaccess)
or made up for fun (e.g. #librariansrule)
Letters and numbers only
e.g. Please share your ideas on the #aliaaccess wiki: http://bit.ly/alXNLC Posting Photos (more on that in a minute!) Give yourself a profile photo
photo of yourself
photo of something representing you
note - no copyright images! Privacy - Public or Private Account?
Public = anyone can follow you and see your tweets. Your tweets will show up in searches. e.g. @naomidoessel
Private = only those whose follower requests you approve can see your tweets. Your tweets won't show up in searches even if you use hashtags. e.g. @nomesd - private accounts have locks on them, have to request to follow So should you have a private account?
Public account?
Or one of each for different purposes? How else could you find people to follow?
-> Search for a topic to see who's writing and what they're saying! External sites e.g blogs may have a
link to take you to the writer's
Twitter account to follow them
there. Extra software to make Twitter a better experience to suit you: Tweetdeck Foursquare Tweetphoto TwitterBar There are many other apps
available to use with Twitter! Lots of apps for iPhone/iPod Touch Personalise your background:
select one of Twitter's pre-set themes,
grab one from a gallery, or generate your own online http://twitter.com/help/
Commoncraft video "Twitter in Plain English" on YouTube
"List of Twitter services and applications" on Wikipedia

Get in touch with your panellists!
@uqkeithw Libraries/Universities/UQ School's public accounts e.g. @UQLibrary, @librarycongress, @nlagovau, @uqtourism, @UQMedicine
Library/Technology associations e.g. @ALIANational, @IOGAU (Information Online Group Australia)
Vendors/companies e.g. @ProQuest, @elsevierscience, @oldspice
News Services e.g. @bbcnews, @tennewsqld, @AgribizNews
Celebrities - @stephenfry, @neilhimself (Neil Gaiman), @britneyspears, @JuliaGillard and many, many more.
Fake Celebrities - @MrsStephenFry, @alberteinstein, @DarthVadar, @KevinRuddExPM and many, many more.
Real-life friends & colleagues e.g. @uqkeithw, @naomidoessel
Library/Technology Movers and Shakers e.g. @jessamyn (Jessamyn West), @mstephens7 (Michael Stephens), @davidleeking, @paulhagon Kathryn Greenhill from Librarians Matter has a good summary of the public/private divide
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