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I Am A Seal Team Six Warrior

No description

Matthew Henson

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of I Am A Seal Team Six Warrior

I Am A Seal Team Six Warrior
Howard E Wasdin and Stephen Templin
Second Event
First in this book he discussed one battle in particular the battle in Somalia. But he didn't talk about a very crucial moment, he just went ito his life story. When he was growing up his stepfather would constantly abuse him by hitting him all the time some times for no reason. Later on he talked about his years of training to become a Seal Team Six warrior. He then started to talk about hi joining Seal Team Two. He went into battle with them (Desert Storm). Then with his work done on that mission he was promoted to Seal Team Six. He went through serious sniper training. Him and his team were sent to capture Mohammed Farrah Aidid. He was sent on the Mogadishu mission. Where he was shot multiple times. After he was sent home with a purple heart he talked about his long recovery. The theme of this book is the only easy day was yesterday.
First Event
I really enjoyed the parts in the book when he was talking about his training in the BUD/s training. One particular part I liked was when he talked about them being in the mess hall. Hypothermia was so bad that he thought a tray carrier was a deer in the corner.
Avaughn Holley

I really enjoyed this book because of the way he went into detail about his training and his time as a marine. He talked about him thinking to quit many times but he didn't.
I also liked how he started the book off with him being in battle and him having to make the longest shot of his life to save some of his comrades. Then after that in the next chapter he started to give his life story.
The second event that I really liked was when he talked about training to become a Seal Team Six sniper. Also how him and his friend Casanova finished first in their training class. Also his induction into Seal Team Six.
Third Event
The third event that I really liked was when he talked about them going in circles to get to a downed helicopter. While they kept getting stuck in ambushes by the militiamen Howard got shot three times. One in the back of his left knee. He kept fighting after that. One in his right shin which basically tore his whole leg off. Lastly one in his left ankle. He couldn't walk anymore.
Howard E. Wasdin
Little Big Man(Comrade)
Blake and Rachel(Kids)
Millie Kirkman(Mother)
Howard E. Wasdin
I really liked him because he never gave up and he has almost mentally conquered pain. Something I'm striving to do. Also because of the attitude he showed when he got shot three times in battle but he never complained he just kept moving along.
Some traits he has are:

I recommend this book if you are thinking about joining the marines when you get older. Also if you like army books or movies because he talked about the movie black hawk down. Lastly if your intrested in reading a book on how much you have to train to become a Seal Team Six Warrior.
The End
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