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RUSSIA!!!!! :)

This is about a sight seeing trip to Russia

Isabelle Marzico

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of RUSSIA!!!!! :)


Flight Costs
Tour Costs
Home Items
Most of Russia has long, bitterly cold winters and mild to warm short summers. In northeastern Siberia, the coldest area, January temperatures averaged below - 50`F (- 46`C ). Snow covers more than half of the country for six months of the year.
The reason im am going in this month (august) is because in winter it snow alot over there so it would be nice to go to see the snowfall because in Australia it doesnt snow
The appropriate clothing is:

- Beanies
- Scarfs
- Rain Jackets
- Fleecy tracksuits
- Boots
The things I would need to bring with me are:

Asthma Puffer
Reading Glasses
Mobile Phone
My clothes suitible for the weather
The currency that Russian's use is 'ruble'.
World Book (encyclopedia)
Book (people-places)
History Book
Book (Earth Condensed)

Thankyou for
listening and i
hope you have
enjoyed my
Do we need to be vaccinated before going to Russia?

No, you don't need to be vaccinated to go to Russia.
________ ________
________ ________
________ ________
________ ________
Flights + Hotel + Car = $4,438.00
includes taxes and fees.
Vietnam Airlines

The soups are among the main Russian dishes they include shchi served as a main first course for over a millenia, ukha and Pelmeni being a main course.
Cost: $15.00 each
Indigenous People
They were involved the the 'Cold War'. The cold war was a period of great tension after World War ll between the USA and Russia (then called the Soviet Union). These two powerful nations had different political beliefs and each feared the the other would try to force their way of life on them. Although the Soviet Union and the USA did not actually fight, many were worried that the tension might develop into war.

Aboriginal ecenomics:
Russia has alot of mining and extractive industries produce coal, oil, gas, metals and chemicals. The manufacturing part produces a wide range of machinery including aircraft and space vehicles, road and rail transportation equipment, farming equipment, communication equipment and building equipment. Some others include medical and scientific instruments and textiles. The industrial sector contributes around 40% of the nations income and imployes nearly 1/3 of the work force. The defence industry which produces ships, radar, missiles and advanced electronic parts is one of the main branches of the economy. Russia has the worlds largest natural gas reserves, the second largest coal reserves and the eighth largest oil reserve. It is the worlds leading natural gas exporter and the second leading oil exporter. These account for more than 80% of the countries export.
Aboriginals belief system:
A coherent set of ideas, beliefs, principles and principles that governs a religion.
Russian People page 2
Russian culture is made up of art, food, traditions, literature, attitudes and more. Russian food gradually took up some of the western influences from the 18th century onwards. Contact with some of the eastern countries introduced a different cuisine. One of the russian traditions are the elaborate painted nesting dolls.
Russia has 160 ethnic groups which speak about 100 languages. Also the indigenous people add to the diverse population.
Russia's largest religion:- orthadox & christianity religions, while 75% belongs to the orthadox.
- Islam with 5%
- Catholicism, protestanism, Judaism and Buddhism with 1% each
- athiests 8%
Russian People:
Most people in Russia dress in modern clothes, especially in the cities. Traditional dress is most often used for festivals. In the smaller villages many women wear skirts and a shawl to cover their heads or shoulders. In the colder regions of Russia, men often wear fur caps with ear flaps to protect from the bitter temperatures.

Indigenous People 3
Russian Federation:
Russia is the largest country in thw world, spanning 11 time zones from east to west. It is slightly less than twice the size of the United States and its territory includes one-eighth of Earth's inhabited land area. Largely part of northern Asia, the area to the west of the Urals is classified as part of Europe. It is borded
by the Arctic ocean to the north and the Pasific ocean to the east. Russia ia also unique in that it is home to more that 160 ethnicities that speak around 100

Arts and literature:
Early Russian literature consists of folk tales and a few military and religion works.The nineteenth century was the golden age of Russian culture and literature in particular. The country boasts of two of the worlds most greatest novelists, a well known poet and a playwriter. Russia is also renowned for its classical music, opera and ballet. Amongst these are also great
Russian indigenous people:
The Russian federation is a multiethnic society and have more than 100 peoples. Of these 41 are legally recognised as indigenous Among the peoples recognised as indigenous are the Evenks, the Saamis, the Yupiq (Eskimos) and the Nenets.
Other Peoples of Asians and Northern Russia such as the Sakha, Buryat, Klomi and Khakass do not hold indigenous staus because of their larger numbers.
The tour cost is: $28.00
Hotel: Maxima Slavia: $780.00
Air Conditioning
Satellite Television
In-house movie
Mini Bar
Voltage 220v plug C
Single Bed
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