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Text-Dependent Questions

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Lori Woods

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Text-Dependent Questions

Text-Dependent Questions Text-Dependent Questions do not ask students about experiences or feelings on a subject or text.
rely on explicit or implied information from the text.
require the use of evidence presented in texts.
require analyses based on credible information from the text or from research-based information.
from VA Department of Education SOL Resources When Creating Text-Dependent Questions: - Fiction texts should be paired with non-fiction texts of the same topic.
-Non-fiction texts can be used
to provide historical context.
to demonstrate author's purpose
to show organizational patterns/formats.
from VA Department of Education SOL Resources Sample Text-Dependent Questions for "The Monkey's Paw

"The Monkey's Paw" full text - http://gaslight.mtroyal.ca/mnkyspaw.htm
Sample Text-Dependent Questions Look at the Sample Questions
for use with "The Monkey's Paw" and determine the questions that could be used for other texts you use in the classroom...

Now we will apply what we've learned about text-dependent questions to a non-fiction piece you can use with your students... Read the excerpt from "The Autobiography of Malcolm X."

Use the sample questions provided for "The Monkey's Paw" to create similar questions to use with this non-fiction text.

Share your questions with your colleagues by emailing them to Lori. All questions will be compiled and shared with the entire department.

Please send them by the end of the day Friday, 02/22/2013. REFLECTION:

- How do text dependent questions encourage critical thinking and enhance student learning?
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