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American Revolution SS8H3

No description

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of American Revolution SS8H3

American Revolution
What caused it?
French & Indian War
-Also known as the 7 years war
- 1754 - 1763 : British and French fought over control of land west of the Appalachian Mtns. (Ohio River Valley)
- Britain won : Gained Canada and all land east of Mississippi River
- Britain makes colonists pay back war debt.
Proclamation of 1763
- Issued by King George III
- Forbade colonists from settling land west of Appalachian Mountains
- Issued to stabilize relations with the natives.
- 7 Yrs. War costly - could not afford another war with the natives.
Impact on Colonies & GA
- Colonists were hoping to settle this new land, since they fought in war.
- Ignored Proclamation anyway and settled land
- Georgian colonists didn't react the same
as the other colonists - Although some of them were unhappy.
Impact on GA
- Added territory (Mississippi and Alabama) to colony of Georgia
- Gained land & resources from Spanish Florida after the war
- More British security after England took control of Florida
Reasons for GA's Reaction
2 Reasons
1) Young colony, small, and most colonists lived near the coast (trade)
2) Gained land & resources from Spain and their native allies = New coastal land for Georgian colonists to settle
Stamp Act
- Imposed by Parliament in 1765
- Required all legal & commercial documents to carry a stamp showing tax had been paid
- British felt colonists should help pay back war debts
- 1st time directly taxed (Taxation without Representation)
Reaction by colonies
- Prior to this colonial assemblies collected taxes - now directly taxed without representation
- Protests throughout the colonies - Often violent
- Parliamentary leader & royal governors tarred feathered & hung
- "Sons of Liberty" - Small group of affluent colonists
Intolerable Acts
- British reaction to the Boston Tea Party in 1773
- 4 punitive acts to punish Massachusetts

Georgia's Reaction
- Georgia not as big of response
- Small population, strong royal governor James Wright, and economically dependent on England
- Only colony to sell stamps
- Nov. 1765 - small group of prominent Georgians formed "Liberty Boys"- Similar to the "Sons of Liberty"
Reaction ...
- 12 colonies sent representatives to 1st Continental Congress - Except Georgia
- support boycott on English goods and gave military support to Massachusetts
- Georgia minimal response
- Noble W. Jones & Peter Tondee gathered support within colony of Georgia
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