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Inherited Traits

Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors (3.10B)

Mona Malkan

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Inherited Traits

Inherited Traits
It inherits those traits from its parents or ancestors.
are expressed and this gives the organism its outward appearance.
Organisms on earth are unique in many ways. The way an organism looks is no accident.
Inherited Traits
Organisms can appear to have different characteristics depending on what ecosystem they live in and what traits are passed on from their parents or ancestors.
For example a coyote living in the desert will have a brownish black hide, helping to camouflage him within his ecosystem.
When the coyote offspring are born, they will also express the same brownish black hide.
Such traits that are passed on to the offspring from
or ancestors are known as
inherited traits.
Stripes on a tiger, or the color of our skin is another example of inherited traits. Organisms and plants can exhibit these traits.
Does a person always look like his/her parents?
Questions to think about
If a dog knows how to play fetch, does it mean that the dog’s puppies will know how to play fetch, too?
No. Even though many traits are inherited from parents, some traits are not always expressed in their parents. For example, a child may have red hair and the parents may have brown hair. Some traits are a combination of inheritance and environment. For example, a person's height depends both upon the parents’ genetics, as well as on nutrition.
The puppies will only know how to play fetch if they are taught how to play fetch.
Name some inherited traits in humans.
Eye color, hair color, freckles, widow’s peak, tongue rolling, dimples, earlobe attachment.
You will work in pairs. Each person will create a parent alien, Afterward, they will merge with another person to have a set of two parents.
You will then use the remaining materials to create an offspring organism that shares traits of both parent aliens.
Explore Activity
In what ways does the baby panda
look like its mother?
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