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African Wild Dog

No description

Ciearra Lawson-Holsey

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog
The endangered specie that I'm researching is the African Wild Dog. African Wild Dogs are becoming extincted because of people. People would kill African Wild Dogs because they didn't like the way they would hunt for food. African Wild Dogs are from North, South, Central and East Africa. It's important to save the African Wild Dog because species like the African wild Dog can have an impact on the ecosystem.
Habitat solutions
I will help prevent habitat destruction by planting more trees because the African Wild Dogs need to eat and without the trees their preys will go away.
Problems I might face
Trying to build a secret place for them so that they can be safe.
I will introduce them in the wild by getting their preys in the wild and letting the African Wild Dogs chase after them.
My project was about African Wild Dogs and how would I save them from becoming extant.
My Species Survival Plan
My species survival plan is to take the African Wild Dogs into a secret environment so that people won't kill them. With this secret environment in full effect, the African Wild Dogs will start to reproduce and the African Wild Dog's population will increase. The person that will be in charge of implementing species survival plan is a African Wild Dog specialist.
African Wild Dog
I will help stop killing and trading the African Wild Dogs by keep them away from everybody(this is when my specie survival takes place)
Trying to catch them food
I will do this by putting them in a truck.
Dropping them off in the wild
Let them go after food and let them experience the wild life again
I would need food
wild animal experts
I think African Wild Dogs will be successful because if people don't know where they are then you know its working.
I would know if I reached success if I seen their population going up instead of down.
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