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Boston Tea Party

Information about the Boston Tea Party

Luke Kneidel

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Boston Tea Party

It is not a real party Boston Tea Party It happened on Dec. 16, 1773 It happened because the British wanted to tax the American colonists for tea. 1. 2. 2. 3. Story time In Boston 3 tea ships arrived which made a furious reaction happen. On Dec. 16,1773 7,000 furious locals talked about the place where the ships were dock. A big meeting took place at the Old South Meeting House the morning of Dec. 16, 1773 which was about the tea ships and how they should leave without getting paid. Then, a group was formed to take the message to Customs House to make their ships leave without payment. The group came back to the mass meeting and a riot started. It was now early evening on Dec. 16,1773 and a group of 200 men disguised themselves as indians, the men marched 2-by2 shouting war chants toward the 3 ships. The group of men then dumped all the tea from the ships into the ocean. After the group of men did that a reaction in London was swift. In March 1774 the Parliament passed the Intolerable Act and the American Independence was lit.
2. 2. Interesting Fact: It took 3 hours for 200 men to empty the tea into the Boston Harbor. There was 90,000 lbs. of tea in the chests , which would cost almost $1,000,000 today. 4. 5. There was 5 Intolerable Act laws.
1.Boston Port Act:Closed the port of Boston.
2.Massachusetts Government Act: The colonists could not have a meeting without the governors permission.
3.Quartering Act: Colonists were allowed to provide quarters for the soldiers.
4.Impartial Administrative of Justice Act: Removed British officials from the Massachusetts courts'.
5.Quebec Act: Extended Canadian boreder to the Ohio River to get rid of the colonies clain to the land. 5. The names of the 3 ships are Dartmouth,Eleanor, and Beaver.
6. It happened at the Boston Harbor, Boston MA. 1. Nathaniel Currier, Boston tea party, Wikipedia , Wikipedia, 3-28-09, Web, 9-26-12 2. James Hawkes , Boston tea party 1773, eyewitnesstohistory.com, 2002, 9-26-1 3. Thomas L. Knapp, Boston tea party(politcal party), Wikipedia.com, Wikipedia, 7-4-06, Web, 9-27-12 4. Eric Foner, Boston tea party, www.history.com, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, 1991, web, 9-28-12 5.Kaycee, Intolerable Acts, www. cr-crath.put.k12.ia.us,2007, web, 10-1-12 6. Holy Park Media,Boston tea party historical society,Bostonteaparty.org, 2008,web, 10-1-12 REFERENCES The most well known people in the Boston Tea Party are Paul Revere, Samuel Cooper, Samuel Adams, and George Hewes.
6. 7. 8. 9. 7.Paul Revere, Newspaper.li,web,10-12-12 8.John Singleton Copley, Samuel Adams, Wikipedia.org, Wikipedia,9-2-12, web,10-12-12 9. Dante and the Henchmen; or, the profession of English, www.eraofcasualfridays.net, 2-8-10, Web,10-12-12 Also besides the Intolerable Acts changing America the Revolutionary War happened has a result of the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre. 2. .Most people involved in the Tea Party left Boston, so they didn't get arrested. The Dartmouth ship, under Captain Hall, had 114 chests of tea The Eleanor ship, under Captain Coffin, carried 114 chests of tea. The Beaver ship, under Captain Bruce, carried 114 chests of tea. It was delayed in quarantine for 2 weeks cause the crew got small pox. 10.Boston tea party facts, www.landofthebrave.info, 2012, web, 10-14-12 10. All the tea came from China Then was shipped to the West Indie Company. 10. The ships were guarded by 20 men. THE END!!!!!!
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