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Chinese Food

Chinese Food for Posey English II

Allie Wenzel

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Chinese Food

Chinese food is one of the 3 main cuisines other than French and Turkish
Food is mostly prepared in bite-size pieces
Grains are the main food
Meals contain a carbohydrate dish and accompanying dishes such as: vegetables, rice porridge, soup, egg rolls, and dumplings
The Chinese drink the most tea
Cantonese is the best known Chinese food in America
Table Manners
Table hosts in China are generally friendly and respectful. Out of kindness, one should return respect to the host.
To show respect to the host, the one dining should not begin to eat until the waiter tells you to enjoy your meal.
When the best food is presented, it is presented to the eldest at the table first. This leads back to ancient culture when common people would always serve their elders first. The main dishes face the elders at the table when placed in decorative form because it symbolizes virtue and righteousness.
"Chinese dishes are famous for color, aroma, taste, meaning and appearance"
Top 8 Most Popular Dishes in China
1. Sweet & Sour pork
2. Gong bao chicken
3. Ma Po Tofu
4. Wonton
5. Dumplings
6. Chow mien
7. Peaking roasted duck
8. Spring rolls
Type of Food for Birthdays
For a child's birthday, they will typically eat noodles before the day of their birthday.
The noodles in China indicate longevity. The child will then eat birthday cake on the actual day.
An elder's birthday in China is grander than a child's birthday. Usually, peaches, candles, and couplet are added to symbolize immorality along with longevity.
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Chinese Food
"Talk doesn't cook rice"
-a Chinese Proverb
"Fashion is in Europe,
living is in America,
but eating is in China"
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Chopsticks literally mean "quick little ones"
Using knives and forks is unsuitable because they are regarded as weapons
Chopsticks symbolize the wisdom of ancient China
Chopsticks are also lucky marriage gifts
Chopsticks and soup spoons used for every meal

Today chinese foods are a big contributor in tourism, attracting people from all over the world with it's numerous styles and unique factors.
They are available in most large Chinese restaurants.
Different foods have different meanings, some are eaten on special holidays.
Chinese Food
Chinese food, when authentic, is probably the healthiest food in the world
Rice is a symbol of security from hunger
The reason rice is the mainstay of most meals is because a famine of constant threat occurred, leaving the people with plentiful, filling, and cheap rice

Almost each city has its own specialty of noodles, some places even eat them cold
Fortune cookies, are not originated from China, but instead California!
Insects,such as grasshoppers, beetles,and scorpions, though not very common, are eaten fried
Modern Day
History and Culture
Confucius is credited for establishing the standards of classic Chinese food
Food is characterized by multiplicity of ingredients, methods of cutting, uses of spices and sauces etc.
Food breaks into 10 main cuisines such as Hunan (hot and spicy foods) and Sichuan (ingredients from the sea)
Most important kitchen utensil
is the wok which spreads the heat evenly
throughout the food using less oil
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