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No description

Molly Oven

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of DYNASTY


Initial Meeting
Organisational Chart
Idea Bubble
Gantt Chart
Training Exercise - Primary School Sports Day
Sports day event to enhance skills
Held in BU sports hall
Mostly all attended
Prizes to winners and losers
Social Event - Pub Quiz
Pub Quiz at Dylan's Bar
Organised a round each
100% attended
Gave out prizes
Thank you from Seminar D

Any Questions?
The Report - Prospects and Expectations
How business schools can help prepare students
Completed 750 words each
Learning from the report
What went well?
Task fulfilled desired outcome
Problems Faced
Deciding appropriate event
Health and safety
Better if we had
Playing to everyones strengths
Practiced event
How Managed
Had regular meeting and communicated well
Project log
Gave ourselves timescales --> Gantt chart
Constantly added to Wiki
Challenges Faced
Initial idea failed
Finding difficulty in getting formal permission
Finding the time to communicate in person
Zach: Confidence, Higher contribution, Research

Aisha: Lack of detail, Organised, Out of comfort zone

Molly: Listen more, Confident, Leadership
How Managed
Used Google Drive
Various meetings together
Inclusion of subheadings
The Challenges
Never written one before
Understanding Harvard Referencing and resources
Concise writing without repetition
Our Self Reflection
Overall pleased
Enhanced understanding of unit
Variation of skills from individuals
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
By Seminar Group D
Fundraising Event - Cake Sale
Industrial Liaison - Andrew Lennox
How We Managed
Reflections on Project
Who and why?
Strengths and Weaknesses
What we learnt
Group name: Dynasty because it means 'powerful leaders in the same family'

Date: 06/10/2015

Attendance: 100%
Could have promoted earlier
Had better stock control
Could have asked if there was competition
Had a wider variety of cakes



Cake Sale in Poole House
For the Alzheimer's Society
Most attended
Raised £101.35
Organised the teams
Less people around stand
Used the project log
Good location
Chose an appropriate time of day
Well thought charity
Barnes Lecture Theatre
All attended
Refreshments given
Andrew Lennox
Koh Thai Tapas
Business idea
Marketing relevance
Good connections
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