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The Scholarship Jacket

No description

Joyce Ahn

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of The Scholarship Jacket

The Scholarship Jacket
by Marta Salinas
presented by Joyce Ahn and Celeste Kazani Plot Line Plot Line Characters' Motives Character Development Continued Main Character Development Literary Devices Inciting Incident Exposition Rising Action Climax Direct Characterization Falling Action Resolution "Pencil thin, not a curve anywhere. A flat chest, no hips, and a brain; and I knew that's what I had."
"I had been a straight A student since the first grade...." Indirect Characterization Exposition- reveals Martha's background
Inciting Incident- Martha overhears the teachers' conversation
Rising Action- principal tells that jacket is not free
Climax- Martha refuses to pay and gets the jacket
Falling Action- Martha tells her grandfather the news
Resolution- Martha gets the jacket she deserves Martha wants recognition for her achievements
Mr. Boone wants to please a school board member
Mr. Schmidt wants fairness Character Changes Martha learns to stand up for her beliefs
The principal realizes his error and decides not to charge Martha for the jacket Alliteration- "...agile and athletic," "...cruel coincidence"
Metaphor- "Coach Thomas was a real bear if someone wasn't dressed for P.E."
Personification- "...the feeling of shock that rooted me flat against the wall as if I was trying to blend in with the graffiti written there"
Imagery- "There was a cool breeze blowing and a sweet smell of mesquite fruit in the air."
Juxtaposition- "That was Mr. Schimdt and he sounded very angry. Mr. Boone's voice sounded calm and quiet." Honor Theme Author's Purpose Cannot be bought
Accumulated through years of commitment
Is the reward of virtue Marta Salinas was born in 1949 in Coalinga, California. She received an M.F.A. in in creative writing from the University of California at Irvine.
Marta Salinas is a Hispanic American so she wrote this story to describe a Hispanic girl's triumph over prejudicial society.
Ms. Salinas wrote this story with the intention of entertaining readers. "Better to die ten thousand deaths, Than wound my honor"
-Joseph Addison, Cato. Act I. Sc. 4. Honor cannot be bought
Accumulated through years of commitment
Is the reward of virtue
Rewards are earned and shouldn't be priced Mr. Boone says, "...Martha is Mexican..."
Mr. Boone says, "Joann's father is not only on the Board, he owns the only store in town: we could say it was a close tie and—" Salinas, Marta. "The Scholarship Jacket." The Language of Literature.
Boston: McDougal Littell, 2003. Print.
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