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London Eye

No description

Reise A

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of London Eye

London Eye Reise The structure I chose is the London
Eye. It is located on the south bank of the River Thames. The London Eye is 135 meters tall and the cost is 70million dollars.The London Eye is a frame structure, with multiple little shell capsules that sit around the frame of the structure. The London Eye is supported with many
different materials, such as the rim for example is supported by tensioned steel cables which were imported from Italy. All of the steel was imported from the UK. The viewing areas or capsules are imported from France. The glass for the capsules are from Italy. On the London Eye the bearings support the tensioned steel cables, these were imported from Germany. The spindle and hub are the main part that make the object spin. which are imported from Czech Republic. The whole London Eye is supported by an A frame on the one side. The London Eye was built by Mace Inc and was designed by Frank Anatole, Nic Bailey,Julia
Barfield, Steve Chilton, Malcolm Cook, David Marks and Mark Sparrowhawk. The engineer was Arup. Designers & Builders Materials The London Eye Why the Materials were Chosen? Steel was the most used in my structure.It was chosen because it was adaptable and met the strength criteria. This is why steel was chosen for everything. The glass for the capsules was picked because perspex would scratch to easily.
The a frame was chosen to support the compressive load. Tensile cables were chosen to hold the rim in place with the hub without slack. Spindle of the London eye was chosen to be done in steel because it was critical to be bent. The hub is used to rotate the object. Why was the design chosen? The intended function was for the London Eye was for people to see London from all angles. The design was chosen because it is a giant ferris wheel and it was to resemble a bike wheel. Why the London Eye is unique? The night Prince William and
Kate Middleton got married The London Eye is unique for its frame structure. It's light color is different to London. How it is built on the edge of the river. The London Eye is attracted for how far people may see on a clear day. It is also attracted because it is involved in special occasions. A usual evening Step by Step The London Eye was constructed in sections. The parts that were needed came on a ship. It was assembled lying flat on a piled platform in the river. When wheel was complete it was lifted by a Strand Jack(a machanical device used to lift heavy weights). It was raised 2 degrees per hour until 65 degrees. It was left for 1 week while the engineers prepared the second phase of the lift.Once the wheel was lifted to its full degree the 32 capsules were attached to the rim in 8 days. The capsules turned with circular mounted rings fixed to the outside of rim. How was the London Eye promoted. The structure I chose is more modern. It was promoted by just the look itself. The London Eye has its own website. It is promoted on bus signs in London and in news papers.
Fun Facts The London Eye is a 30 minute trip to go around to entire wheel.
There are about 3.5 million visitors a year.
A standard ticket costs $28 (in pounds 15.50).
There has been many marriages at the London Eye.
Each capsule carries 25 people. scientific Knowledge If the London Eye were to stay with the original design you and your friends would have been upside down and right side up after a full circle.
For it to work safely as a viewing wheel, the capsule would have to turn and the only way to do that was to use spin stabilization.
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