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Cell Analogy

No description

Sam Larson

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Cell Analogy

Cell vs. Attack on Titan
Erwin Smith Vs. Nucleus
The Nucleus carries DNA, the blue prints of the cell. It could also be seen as the brain because the cells functions cannot carry on without it. This correlates to Erwin Smith because as a military leader, no one would function normally without his guidance.
Cell Membrane Vs. Wall Rose
The cell membrane acts like the boundary of the cell. These are found in both animal and plant cells. Wall Rose is a large wall that surrounds the villages in the empire and acts like a boundary for lingering titans. Wall Rose is located on the outermost part of the villages and the cell membrane is located on the outermost parts of a cell!
Mitochondria Vs Potatoes/ Crops
The Mitochondria turns molecules that are used as fuel into energy. This is why common folk associate the mitochondria as the "power house" of the cell as it powers the cell's functions. Potatoes are a common crop eaten by most villagers at the time. They are also a prized energy supply to many.
Nucleolus vs. Families
The Nucleolus produces ribosomes which in turn creates proteins. It is located within the nucleus. Children that are born into farming families will learn from their parents, so that they know how to tend the crops, or create the "proteins" in this case.
Vacuoles vs Military Base
A Vacuole stores excess water and nutrients for further access. This is the storage tank of the cell. A military base is just the same because it can harbor weapons and soldiers that are ready for battle. Both of these store specific things for further use.
Cytoplasm vs Districts
Cytoplasm is a gel like fluid that holds everything in place of the cell. Sort of like water in the ocean, it's everywhere.districs are located everywhere through out the empire and serves as a foundation for it.
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (RER) vs. 3D maneuvering gear (3DMG)
The RER transports proteins throughout the cell. It looks like a shriveled piece of wadded paper with tiny beads on it (these are the ribosomes) but it gets the job done! Just like the RER, the 3DMG does the same thing as well. 3DMG helps transport soldiers across villages with a system of wires and grappling hooks so that they can fly from rooftop to roof top with ease.
Nuclear Membrane vs.
Wall Sina
It is the job of the nuclear membrane to surround the nucleus and therefore determine what can get inside. Wall Sina was protects the wealthiest part of the kingdom from any titans. Similarly to a nucleus, this division of the kingdom can be considered the most important. Wall Sina is also the inner most wall, like the nuclear membrane.
Cell Wall vs. Wall Maria
A cell wall is a strong boundary that protects the entire cell, however, they can only be found on plant cells. Just like a cell wall, Wall Maria is the outermost wall and protects the entire kingdom.
Ribosomes vs. Farmers
In a cell, the ribosomes make the protein. Similar to the ribosomes, farmers grow the crops which are necessary for the people of the kingdom.
Lysosome Vs Titan Eren
It is the lysosomes' job to breakdown complex molecules, so that the cell can get sugars and proteins. When Eren becomes a titan he fights against the other titans in order to protect humanity.
Cytoskeleton Vs Military
The cytoskeleton of a cell supports the cell, so it can keep its shape. In
Attack on Titan
what supports the kingdom is the military. It is the soldiers' job to protect the city from crime and fight against the titans if need be. Without the military, the kingdom would not survive.
Golgi Apparatus
The Golgi apparatus acts as the "shipping center" in which signals are sent to the rest of the cell. Like the Golgi apparatus, wagons and boats are often used as way to ship many different things, like crops.
by Sam Larson and Julie Martin
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