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Behavior Guideline Writing Workshop

Presentation to Psychologists

Drrn Ssh

on 8 October 2011

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Transcript of Behavior Guideline Writing Workshop

Behavior Guideline Writing Workshop Focusing the Behavior Guideline Primary Gain Secondary Gain Defining the Target Behavior Aggressive and Assaultive Behaviors Toward Peers and Staff ? Measureable Agreeable Observable What does the Individual specifically do? What is the severity of the target behavior? What is the onset/offset information? What is the duration of the target behavior? Example: Determining the Function of the Target Behavior Attention Tangible Non-Social Physical Escape What type of Attention is the Individual seeking? Who is the Individual attempting to gain attention from? Is the Individual attempting to avoid or exit
an interaction or activity? What is the activity or who is the interaction with? Is the Individual attempting to gain an item or activity? Is the Individual reacting to the denial of an item or activity? Is the Individual reacting to an item or an activity being taken away? Is the Individual attempting to relieve or gain a physical sensation? Identifying and Addressing Precursor Behaviors (Behavioral Warning Signs) Identifying and Addressing Setting Events and Antecedents Identifying and Addressing the Maintaining Consequence Relieve Boredom Psychotic Process Emotional Dysregulation Persistent Need
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