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Declaration of Independence from Homework

No description

Lucy Liu

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Declaration of Independence from Homework

Declaration of Independence from Homework
I. Homework takes up all of our
time and leaves us with no time to make
new friends
or develop
social skills

III. Homework takes away
vital family time
Tear friends apart
with group assignments, put
a negative vibe
towards school
V. Looking at a computer screen
for long amounts of time
damages our eyes
VI. Students can learn
better in a classroom situation
anyway, where they have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with their peers.
you from the world!!!!
X。 Homework let us feel
Stress can lead to
health problems
such as depression.
Homework can cause
sleep deprivation
from being up late studying. When sleep deprived, you will
be lethargic throughout the day
IX. Homework can ruin
extra-curricular opportunities
because it impedes on time that could be spent in the performing arts.
Limits opportunity
for non academic careers
II. Homework restricts us from going to
social events
, which are an important part of life as an adolescent.
XII. Increases
to cheat
Conflicts with sports teams
practices and causes them to
no time for exercise
, or other outdoor activities.
Eventually leads to
anger issues
from unaddressed stress.
Weight of backpacks can cause
back and neck problems.
VIII. Doing an excessive amount of homework causes
extreme sleepiness
back and neck problems
Because of these reasons, we NAST find it is clear we must and do declare our independence from
We, as the National Association of Stressed Teenagers,declare our independence from homework. Homework restricts us from happiness, physical health, mental health, and, most importantly, social prosperity. For these and the following reasons, we demand independence from homework.
Discourages learning
Restrains creativity
Lack of exercise leads to
VII. Too much homework makes our back bags heavy.
Cost more money
on buying books.
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